Today, I will check on the horses and probably just observe them.  Willy (Dominic) came home yesterday and I had to switch Mama and Baby to another paddock which moved Dalton and Maggie Mae.  Their worlds are upside-down and I want to make sure everyone is OK.  And, if I can, I’d like to keep moving them until I get it right.  I think Maggie Mae would rather be with Mama.  So, I might try to make that happen.  Finn and Missy Miss have waaaay too much space on their own (now that Wrigley, Gwen and BG are gone.)  But, I am not sure who I can put in there… Finn thinks he is still Big Man on Campus but he’s 24 now and I don’t want him to get hurt.  We will see.


IF anyone knows where this is…. please let me know. I want to go there. I want to live there…

Story below

Story for the above photo of the three horses.

My friend made these shorts… I would have TOTALLY worn these when I was in high school or college!!

Now I understand where all the horror films got their ideas for their creatures.

I am fascinated by birds. Our dinosaurs.

I would also like to live here…

So brave. All of them.

Great shot!

This is quite nice, too… (Can you see the theme going on here?… It is getting hot and all I want is water.)

This is probably AI, but I love it.

We had a roof leak in our cabin and now there is mold behind the walls in the kitchen… so we have to redo it. I’m thinking basic white cabinets with butcher block counter and splash.

Awww. My three favs at that time in my life. Sydney Pollack, Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. This was before I got my first horse.

A beautiful herd of roany wild ones. The blue mare is very pregnant. I pray they stay wild… PHOTO CREDIT: Dakota Grown Photos

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