Today is our last full day at the Ranch.  I am pre-writing this blogpost so I have no idea what kind of a trip I’ve had, but I’m guessing it was good!


Photo credit: Jenn Wang

Love this.

I remember hearing about something like this for all the abandoned shopping malls… make them into senior homes with everything they need in one spot, and apartments aon the upper levels – or lower levels. All the infrastructure is there already.

Artists amaze me.



I remember my Dad speaking about these homes!

Doesn’t this sound amazing?!… Look at that caboose window!

I know this is may be unfair, but it always makes me laugh – because I can relate.

I seem to like this shot, in all seasons.

Mother Nature has a sense of humor… snowflakes as headdresses?!

You gotta admit, he looks cute…

Good to know!

I wish I knew more about cows… I’d like to have 2.


Wild Mama and baby.

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