Today, I must mow and weed whack. ¬†Grass Valley is named aptly… you should see it around here!


Birds are so beautiful.

I need this, too.  (Remember when it used to be fun to have someone come to your door?!)

Perfectly timed shot.


I love foaling season.

This new portrait of the King is so controversial… I, personally, really like it. I love the color red and I think his face is perfect.

People are so creative!

If you see one, don’t try to take a selfie with him!!


A sweet Uncle, taking care of the babies while they sleep.


Donkeys are THE BEST.

Same horse, different season. This is my Dominic, now called Willy Wonka. He is blue roan and black faced after shedding. He’s brown and white in winter. Mother Nature is amazing.

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  1. Sarah

    Donkeys are indeed incredibly amazing. AND loving, sensible, kind, and the most hardworking creature on the planet (perhaps excepting honeybees). I had to stop watching the news because coverage of Gaza often showed overburdened and shockingly thin donkeys still being used to help displaced persons become displaced again (the occasional horse was in even worse shape, some with Henneke 1 or 2 body score and terrible harness injuries). But truly, for decades there’s been an extremely sad backstory about animal abuse and especially donkey abuse in that region. Abuse and neglect that led to creation of several sanctuaries for the most desperate of the four-legged ones. PBS recently broadcast a documentary on efforts in Ukraine to help animals which are the most often ignored victims of wars. I hope another documentary would address the plight of war-victim donkeys.

  2. Bonnie

    I like birds too, but the blue swan is an Artificial intelligence painting. LOL

  3. Bunny

    “…remember when it used to be fun when someone came to your door” yes — and they weren’t persistent political cause/political party doorknockers or Ubereats misdeliveries or porch pirates. I also remember when it was a nice thing when one’s phone rang! Then came robocalls, spam texting, and scammers scammers scammers and more scammers. These days? For the protection of myself and my horses, there’s a dire warning sign on the gated driveway. Unfriendly? Yep! Sure is! Those who are welcome already know how to get in the gate. Got a paid mailbox service, worth every penny as it immediately halted many “issues.” I don’t answer my phone unless I recognize the number; if it’s a legit call they can leave voice mail. I guess American life today has turned me into a younger version of “that old person yelling you kids keep off my lawn!” I’ve accepted it but I don’t have to LIKE it.

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