Today, I will sit and write blogs that I have on my desktop but have not had the time to write.  Today is the day!


This photo cracked me up!


I follow them on Instagram. That wild bird (This is in Australia) fell in love with the larger pitty and they are best friends. The pitty had a litter and the owners homed all of the babies but kept little Ruby.

I wish I could recognize birds better… I have several feeders and I’m not good at it. I can really only see that doves aren’t little brown birds and that ravens aren’t like anyone else.

I thought that this was the most beautiful photo of a sheep I had ever seen.

I know, I know, I’ve posted this previously. I just love it.

Is that gold leaf on this glorious horse?! So pretty!

This is me, in bed before sundown, reading a book and sipping a tiny glass of wine. It has been that kind of a week…

So gorgeous.

I’m still enamored with these modern dinos.

Baby pigs are the BEST.

If only his mane was like her hair…

Clearly, a wild father and son chat.

My friend’s cat. She is an artist and I am imploring her to paint this.

Inspiring myself to remember those days… and, I love that saddle. Last time I posted this, I didn’t notice the unique saddle and stirrups. I think on this round of a pony, that is an excellent way to learn.



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