Today, we have AirBnB guests… so Hubby and I are going out to breakfast!


Gorgeous shot.

I could live there…

Tiny little orphaned kangaroos

You know what that means!! Love the wild ones.

Sweet, wild babies.

Look closely – that is a pencil.



Look at that innocent face!

Amazing creature.

Love this!

Cracked me up.

So intense!


My fav of the week.

EMERGENCY APRIL BUCKET FUND FOR GRANNYPONY!  – the 35+ blind, perfectly mannered little pony – left at the meat auction by her family! Click here for story

Only $475 to reach our goal!   Although we have paid her initial vet bills, it would be wonderful to help with the follow-ups as well as purchase a month of senior feed from the feed store to boost her along her way to health!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!  Click here to donate!

This 35+ year old granny pony was left at a meat auction to fend for herself in the huge pens with larger horses.


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