Thank you all for allowing me a few days of hiatus as I entertained family, recovered from the loss of Scoutypants and Virgil (tragic dogfight) and the wonderful upheaval of new puppies!  Today, I will relax around the house as the rest of the family goes on a tourist journey.


I LOVE THIS! Some one must have made those sweaters special. I love the little one – looks like a fox – slinking away!

I’m love when people do this out in nature…


That must have been a feat to get everyone into position!

Sweet. From The Kangaroo Sanctuary.

A favorite this year…


My favorite photo this week. I LOVE this.


I used this last year… but I still love it. So cozy.

This one was captioned: “Photographic evidence that Rudolf was not allowed to play any reindeer games.”

Precious good boy.

Looks like a good spot to dry off.

Don’t try this at home…

Yup, bound to happen…


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  1. Yvonne Jones

    I have not wanted to pry, but if you revealed what happened to Scoutypants and Virgil I somehow missed it. I have been mourning your loss right along with you, and wondering what on earth freak thing could have happened. Is it too soon to let us in on the tragedy?
    Yvonne Jones, Umpqua, OR

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