Bowing my head to all of those fleeing the fires in CA.  Awful.  Just ravaging, fast, uncontrolled and in very populated areas.  California is a mess.

Also, our Bucket Fund baby Ash has survived his very involved and prolonged surgery.  He is awake now and in recovery.  There were was a huge hernia in his intestines, 70% of his organs were through the ruptures… but the good news is that they found a tiny tear in a different area that would have erupted later, so that was a horsegodsend.  Ash is sewn up and tucked in for the night.  The vet feels that this injury was from a trauma.  Source unknown.


Today, I clean for guests!


I love this… from Elke Vogelsang

made me laugh

Amazing shot and amazing that all of these horses were being so good so close together.

Good friends

A good thought, today especially.

That’s me. I hate this…

Cute, authentic (those are real feathers) Halloween costume

These shots kill me.

The goats are here.

Never, ever ever

The Biscuit. So gorgeous.

Awesome. Donk doesn’t seem too happy…

How much fun it must have been to design these…

From Kat Livengood.

Eyes, feathers… all amazing to me.

Take me away, Calgon.

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