Today, Hubby and I will get his daughter’s car (was my car) that is stranded in another city… I think I may drive it for a while as it gets great gas mileage (50 mpg) since she purchased a new car for herself.  Fun!


If you saw these first 5 shots yesterday… sorry!  I had to repost them today because they are so perfect!

Angry donkey with oblivious young dog… (this is my friend’s donkey and her puppy).

My friend Bonnie and her mule.



Campfire at V6 Ranch, Parkfield, CA

New baby, Bodhi, by Goliath out of Red Lady – Skydog Sanctuary.

I love this one.


My friend at The Wildflower Ranch took this photo. She makes beautiful, one of a kind, mohair cinches.

Gorgeous photo of Rebecca Mortensen who owns the 3 day eventing horse, Freckles, that I write about often. She is also a wrangler at R Lazy S Ranch, Jackson, WY

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