It is LEROY The Wonderpony’s update day! Yay!

LeRoy is doing much better!

I was sent these Radiographs via the superlative vets who are taking care of LeRoy at Hooved Animal Humane Society.   The doctors are very pleased with what these radiographs show…

Well, to me, it still looks a bit broken.   But, I’m no doctor and I certainly cannot read radiographs accurately so I just asked them, “How can you determine that he is better?”

They answered saying that because there are wisps of calcification growing in the black spaces between the bones it means he is healing.  The margins of the bones are filling-in with new growth.  All good.  The doctors feel that this little pony heals very, very quickly and very well.  He is an excellent patient and all of them are reserved yet excited about his prognosis.

He is healing and growing new bone to bridge the gap

Another view of the bone growing together nicely...

The reason LeRoy isn’t home free, and won’t be for a while, is because that bone has to heal completely before he can be adopted out.  But, if LeRoy continues to grow bone like this,  he will create a strong enough leg that there should be no failures with normal pony use.  So, his chances for a wonderful life are GOOD!


LeRoy the Wonderpony with his new buddy, Dusty!


If you are new to this blog, LeRoy is our Bucket Fund charity for the month of  February.  He was found roaming around a Home Depot parking lot with a severely broken back leg.  The fabulous people from HAHS took over LeRoy’s welfare and immediately had the poor boy examined.  …The really sad part?… It was discovered that LeRoy had a broken leg but it had been broken for over 4 months.  He was healing with a horribly malformed angle to his leg.  HAHS, their vets and the veterinarian surgeons at University of Wisconsin Veterinary school thought LeRoy could have a much better quality of life with the appropriate surgery.   So it was decided there and then.  The surgeons went to work and HAHS agreed to find a way to pay for all of his surgery, pre and post op care as well as his daily love and tending.  If you’d like to read his story, click here.

LeRoy's totally broken yet healed back leg...

HAHS swooped in to help LeRoy and this is the initial radiograph of his condition. Yikes. Totally broken - for at least 4 months - and it was healing that way.


The daily ranch manager at HAHS  (who ADORES LeRoy…) says that LeRoy “doesn’t let anything stop him!”  He trots, picks up his front feet for trimming, runs and bucks and generally acts as if his back leg doesn’t bother him at all!  Wahoo!  Of course, he still has pins in his leg and he is wearing a split every day, but little LeRoy the Wonderpony doesn’t seem to mind at all!

When you think about it, his leg in a splint has to be way better than the way his totally broken leg felt while hobbling around the Home Depot Parking lot…

Anyway, LeRoy’s caretakers at HAHS don’t allow him to go outside without being on a lead because of the potential he might slip and injure himself on the ice or snow.  But, they let him frolick in the arena all day, every day.  From what they tell me, he is a happy little pony who hangs out with his misfit band of recuperating buddies.


LeRoy with his arena buddies, Dusty and Dino


LeRoy has been hanging out with Dino ‘the mini’ and Dusty ‘the big white horse with feet issues’.  Dusty and LeRoy can commiserate over their mutual leg/feet issues.  Dino is the HAHS mascot.  (Doesn’t Dusty have a beautiful face?!)

From what I hear, the three of them have mutual rolling sessions every morning!  LeRoy loves to roll and so does Dino.  They create little dust storms in the arena every couple of hours!

At night, LeRoy is able to roam the aisleway but he tends to hover near Dusty’s stall.  They are buds.

Dusty and LeRoy are really great friends...


I wanted to show you photos of LeRoy and Dino rolling.  The Barn Manager at HAHS took these photos while she stood there trying not to laugh.  She said that these two little horses are hysterical and she loves watching them play and roll.

Obviously, LeRoy is doing well enough to have no hesitation with rolling around and getting up on his bum leg- often.


MMMM, this looks like the perfect rolling spot!

Ooohhh, yes! It IS the perfect rolling spot!

C'mon Dino! Roll with me!

Yup, that's the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh uh-huh...


All together now!

And, Shake!


LeRoy is having extensive radiographs done on Thursday.  I will for sure let you know how he is progressing.  He is a miracle pony!

Our little LeRoy, the Wonderpony!


Let’s help HAHS with the tremendous vet bills little LeRoy has provided.  HAHS took it upon themselves to immediately go into action and pay for the surgery and rehabilitation of this incredible pony… Let’s show them our appreciation for helping our LeRoy, the Wonderpony.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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