OK, so… you all know that I love Western wear but I have none and I don’t ride Western…  besides, Wranglers don’t really fit me and i don’t look good in a cowboy hat.  My hair doesn’t flow right when it is long, either.

So, I kinda lust after Western stuff from afar.

But… I ended up with these incredible boots (long story) and now I wish I knew how to wear them with more outfits because I WANT THEM ALL!

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 9.30.12 PM

This is my pair… I love them! I don’t know how to wear them correctly – like under which type of jeans or whaever – so I just wear them. And I love looking down at them!


Here is the official photo of my boots. Love.


Remember when I went to the EXTREME WYLENE clinic?  Well, she was wearing boots with an amazing checkerboard pattern.  I had never seen anything like them.

And then… I noted that her assistant had an amazing pair of boots as well.

So, I asked.

They said, “They’re Tin Haul boots”.

“Tom Hall?”

“Tin Haul.”

“Tom Horn?”

“Tin – like the metal, and HAUL like to carry something.”

“Oh, Tin Haul.”

“Yup.  And look at the bottoms!”

At this point, they both proceeded to show me the soles of their boots, and I was a goner!


There are so many styles!


The brand of the boots I have is TIN HAUL.

Google them.

They come in Men and Women sizes.

But, it is the design that got me.

Someone is having FUN with boot design.   The designers at Tin Haul have come up with great outers, uppers and soles!

Soles with Soul!

Boots with Bragging rights.

Love love love!

And it isn’t just the design, the materials are soft and pliable and comfortable.  Yeah!

I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t find the history of the company or how they came to design such fun boots… does anyone know them personally?  Anyone know the story?

Here is the Tin Haul FB page.


These were the style Wylene had during her clinic. Even filthy dirty and totally broken in, they were so great looking!

Hope for the Cure.

Hope for the Cure.


I love these sunflowers but not sure about the smiley faces…


This is the boot Wylene’s assistant wore! Hers were totally broken in and filthy dirty from the arena footing, but they looked great!


So fun!


Yum!! But they are for men…

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.29.22 PM

MORE MORE MORE  (absolutely no affiliation and that makes me sad…)

I am so in love with the fun of these boots, I wish I could afford them all!  But, the reality is that I don’t have enough call to wear boots – unless I’m working around here or riding … and I’d hate to wear such lovely boots while doing chores!!  Heavens!

But, you might just find me out there in my fancy schmancy boots, cuz I love ’em!

(I tried to buy Hubby but I couldn’t find the style I wanted in his size.  Waaah!)




Very Vegas!


Silly fun!


For the football fan!


This was the pair I wanted to get for Hubby… He is a size 11 EE.


Love these!



Love these!





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We all missed this sale, but I like looking at the poster.

We all missed this sale, but I like looking at the poster.


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