Talk to Fergus and Jean Abernethy! Fergus Live on Twitter (Sunday)!

First off, Fergus will be on Twitter (Live) on Sunday!

Yes, Jean Abernethy has agreed to be interviewed by a very young and impressive blogger – and then field questions from YOU the audience!

How Fun!

click to go to the Twitter link to follow for the conversation with Fergus on Sunday!

click to go to the Twitter link to follow for the conversation with Fergus on Sunday!


A few years ago, a very young (12 years) and artistic reader wrote to me to tell me that she was starting her own equine blog.  She called it, The Flying Shetlands.

Well, yesterday, she wrote to tell me that she has branched out and is now hosting various grown-up and successful equine artists of various mediums for Twitter hours.

Wow.  I wish I’da thought of that!  ;)

Here is the link to #Equine Art Hour where the show is hosted every Sunday from 4-5 EST.


click to go to site

click to go to site


Being of the tween set, Shya is only featuring this on Twitter.  So, if you don’t have a Twitter account, now is the time.

How fun to speak to Jean Abernethy herself!

Y’know… if you were a famous artist, and little girl was to email you and ask you to be part of her show… would you agree?

Yup… thought so.  She has quite a lineup so far and I cannot wait to see how far she throws her net.  At that age, it never occurs to you that you shouldn’t ask…  and I love that!

Here is her website with information.  Below I cut and pasted directly from her site:

#EquineArtHour is a branch from The Flying Shetlands for equine artists and  equine art promoters to share their art and to connect with other artists and horse art lovers from across the globe.

I have become apart of several horse related hours on twitter and soon realized that there was nothing for equine art and artists specifically. Seeing that gap, I decided to fill it by creating my #EquineArtHour.

Our first hour was May 31st 2015 in honor of The Flying Shetlands 1st year anniversary!  Jocelyn Russel, sculptor of the SSgt. Reckless monument, gave a Q&A session about her sculptures. We have many more Q&A sessions coming soon!  Here are several of them:

Jean Abernethy and Fergus June 7th

Donna Bernstien June 14th

Equestrian Creative Network June 21st

Horsefly Films

Breyer Horses

And many more!

Join us every Sunday for an hour (4-5 pm EST) to chat with your favorite artists and see and meet new and inspiring horse loving people! Show us your artwork or come and chat with us by using our hashtag, #EquineArtHour!

Click to go to site

You go, girl!!


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