Start ’em Young! Tad Griffith’s trick ridin’ kids!


I am showing this video today because I want you all to feel inspired…

This is a video of three tiny, trick riding kids.  They are 11, 8 and 6 respectively.  (You need to watch it!)

Once you watch this video, I can hear what you will probably be saying to yourselves…

“Those kids are too young to know fear.”  And,  “those kids have been around horses all their lives.”  Or, “they’re just kids and they have free time to work at it every day.”    Well, I hear you…  However, I do know that they do know fear, everyone does.  I also know that they have been around  horses all their lives but that doesn’t make them automatically great riders.  And, yes, they do make time to do this after going to school, doing homework, school activities and all the ranch chores.  So, basically, they are just like you and me.  The great part is that they have someone telling them to “Get out there and practice!” which I so wish I had around here.  I wish I had someone kicking my sorry hiney away from the computer and out with my horses for an hour of practice every day.  Imagine how good I’d be at whatever it was I ended up doing with them…  Anyway, all that practice made them very good riders and now they love, love, love it!

Who is the person helping these kids practice and teaching them the safe and proper way to do this?   The legendary Tad Griffith, trick and stunt rider/trainer.


I have featured Tad before in his Roman Riding video and also his Training video — where he is training himself, not training the audience.  (I was there while he was rehearsing at home so I videoed it.)


Anyway, today I’m showing you the video of his three kids from their very first performance, ever, at the FIESTA OF THE SPANISH HORSE this year.  (They also have a family friend showing with them.) You should watch closely to see how Tad’s sons emulate their Dad’s performance moves.  But, you should also look closely to watch these earnest little horses!  They just kill me!  Especially the youngest son’s horse… he is just awesome in his ponyness!  What a little devil!  He does his job but towards the end, this little stinker ducks under the ropes to cut the corner… and that stoic 6 year old boy just rides through it.  No worries!

But, I also want you to look at suitability to rider.  These three individual ponies are perfect for these three individual kids.  I betcha the littlest boy wants the biggest horse but he doesn’t get the biggest horse.  He gets the horse that fits him.  Too cute!

So Readers, watch this and remember when you didn’t stop yourself from doing adventurous stuff…   Remember what it was like to get so wrapped up in some activity that you wanted to do it all the time.  For me, it was memorizing soundtracks from movies.  For my brother, it was slot cars.  What was it for you?  Well, whatever your passion, remember how you gave yourself permission to totally engross yourself in it.

Then go out and squeeze a horse and dream about what you could do together if you practice, practice, practice.   It might put that big ‘ol school kid grin back on your face!

Click on the image to watch these incredible stunt rider kids!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. graham heffernan

    great horseman. he understands them and they love him for it. he gives them the right answers.

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