Mountain Trail Obstacle Courses with your Horse – HOW FUN!

I keep threatening that I am going to take Finn or BG to some Trail Trials.  It just sounds like so much fun!  For me the partnership aspect would really float my boat.

I think Finn would get really into it, once he forgot that there were so many other horses around.  He’d love the challenge of new courses – and then get immediately bored after he did it once…

BG would simply excel.  She considers everything; she’d have the whole thing worked out before taking her first step.

Or, so I think…

One really never knows with live beings and scary, complicated stuff.

However, as of yet, I haven’t found any in my area… until…


Scary and fun!


I like the courses!


Today, this invite came into my inbox.

“I’LL GO!,” I said to myself!  I will go there on Sunday without the truck and trailer – just to check out how it all goes down.

I’m one of those people that usually goes on recon to understand stuff before I actually do it…

I just hate arriving at a place and not knowing where to park or how to sign up or where to line up, or how it works or what color means what or which class I should join or how nice/snooty the participants…  all that stuff.  I like to know that beforehand.

But, I’ll go anywhere to ride – sight unseen.  Go figure…

Anyway, I’m going to go incognito on Sunday to check it out.

I swear it looks like she is holding a banana while riding downhill... but probably not.  This looks like fun!

I swear it looks like she is holding a banana while riding downhill… but probably not. This looks like fun!  I’m going to go and check it out!


My friends in Oregon often go to the OREGON HORSE CENTER in Eugene.  There is a mountain trail course all set up – all the time.  You can practice there and they also hold competitions.

I figure that trail riding is so much of this obstacle type of riding, why not try a new, concentrated configuration like they have?!

The brochure says, “More than 250 tons of rock and boulders 20 to 40 foot high natural tress, shrubs and ferns, 5000 square foot ponds and a 20′ waterfall, natural desert sagebrush and pine trees, 90′ backdrop mural of hte Three Sisters Mountain Range, Buckskin Logs, Huge Stumps and Large downed trees, ditches, bridges and rivers, a wild west old town, teepee, animals, mystery obstacles and much much more…”

There are classes for every level of experience with inhand minis (how fun!) and novice rider green horses.

This place seems to have really serious riders (guessing by the garb) but the place is terrific!  Acres and acres of horse facilities.  Wow!  The stadium is huge.

Great shot! People get all dudded up!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.29.59 PM

Training session.  Note the mules in this pic!


Serious business!


Another thing to do with your mini!


I don’t have the gear like all of these guys… but it would be fun anyway!

The place is huge and hosts all kinds of events!

The place is huge and hosts all kinds of events!

I wish this place was closer to me – not a state away…  But, it has inspired me!

Here is  this video of a winning run several years ago…  I think they’ve even improved it more since this was shot.  This looks like so much team fun!

Click to watch video

Click to watch video



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ROYAL, the stallion, is getting stronger!  He was able to stand to have his feet done!

ROYAL, the stallion, is getting stronger! He was able to stand to have his feet done!

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