I met a chicken today.

I met a chicken named, “Cinnamon” today.

Pretty, young, healthy Cinnamon. She's a free range chicken (for eggs) that lives on the 36 acre Hartley Farm.

Pretty, young, healthy Cinnamon. She’s a free range chicken (for eggs) that lives on the 36 acre Hartley Farm.

I have seen pet chickens and have been introduced to egg laying chickens, but I’ve never spent the day with a chicken.  Especially one who picked me out and stood over my shoulder for the afternoon.

You see, today I was asked to show the Horse and Man Jewelry at a wine event at Hartley Farms.   I’ve never done anything like that before… it was FUN!

Anyway, as I was busily setting up my display, I didn’t notice Cinnamon who had perched on a post behind my chair.

I heard cooing, but I thought it was a dove…

After I had set up and was sitting in my chair, one of the other people there said, Who’s your friend?”


The one behind you…

And there she was.

And there she stayed.

Occasionally she would leave to go about her henny business, but she’d always reappear.

This is Cinnamon leaving... for a while.

This is Cinnamon leaving… for a while.


Hartley Farms is a wedding venue down the street.

Besides being run by a wonderful couple, the great news about Harley Farms is that it had only ONE TREE when they moved there… and now it has hundreds!

So, while I was there today, I met with Barbara Hartley’s Dad who is a landscaper.  He planted every single tree on that property, except the initial oak.  He said he would come to my place and advise me.  He said he would help me make our new home in Paso a great place for the horses, add shade and privacy.    Yayyyyyy!  I’m so excited to begin this Arbor project when I start my next big job in March.

Oh, and maybe he will teach me about chickens… Having Cinnamon as a companion all day was quite the confidence boost.  I have always wondered about birds but have never known anything about them.  Cinnamon’s easy nature was very sweet.  She even let me pet her.  I know I didn’t do it right, but she obliged me.

Here is a photo of her cooing.  I’m not sure what she wanted or why she did this, but she’d stand up and coo every now and then.  The other hens were scratching about, but Cinnamon was content to hang out.  I loved that!


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    My new house last March next door to inlaws sparked a mutal foray into chickendom (for eggs alone of course). As I don’t work every day or wrangle kiddos, I took the M-F am feed session. Wow, eggs are so far down on the list of things they provide it isn’t funny. They learn their names, each have big personalities. Are adorable and um, I’ll cut my words off there. Guinea hens (if your heat isn’t too far outside their norm) are great, too and best warning alarms I’ve ever found. Oh, and chickens love to investigate (aka try to eat) apple bits, carrot bits, stale bread bits, yadda yadda yadda :) So glad you were accompanied for the day!!

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