Very Large Bird watching!

Perfect for a Sunday!Hubby is a Naval Officer at Camp Roberts in San Miguel, CA.

Yesterday, he sent the Bald Eagle Camera link to me and I thought you’d like it, too.  Since it was Friday, I wasn’t able to find out how many babies are in the nest, but – from the live cam –  I think there are two.  I will ask on Monday and let you know.

Here is the link to the live camera of the Bald Eagle nest.

Click on the image to go to the live camera


Here is the information on the website… it doesn’t talk about the chicks.

But there is a conversation board up and the entries seem to indicate 2 babies.

Camp Roberts Bald Eagle Cam
Presented by the California Army National Guard Environmental Programs Directorate
Powered by HDOnTap
California Army National Guard Environmental Programs biologists chose this particular nest as it’s been used by bald eagles since at least 2003. Environmental Programs staff have employed a nest-monitoring program to document annual breeding activity and nest success since it’s discovery in 2003.

This nest and eagle pair are referred to as P-8 due to its location within the P-8 Training Area, however, the base staff affectionately refer to this nesting pair as “Ron and Nancy” in tribute to the former President and First Lady, President Ronald and Nancy Reagan. The massive nest is situated in a California sycamore tree adjacent to the Nacimiento River at Camp Roberts Training Base.

What you can expect on this camera
o The P-8 eagles generally start nest maintenance in late December/early January
o Egg laying usually occurs around late January/early February
o Egg incubation period is generally about 35 days
o Hatching usually occurs in April
o Fledging gets started in late June
o Fledging occurs over a period of time (it takes practice to become proficient at flying); fledglings will hang around for approximately 6-8 weeks after leaving the nest and the parents will continue to provide for them
o The P-8 eagles predominantly eat fish from the Nacimiento River, but have been observed eating dead California ground squirrels (Otospermophilus beecheyi) as well.

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