Dr.Doolittle came today and spoke with BG and Rojo!

Well, not really Rex Harrison… but his counterpart, Candi Cooper.

Have you heard of her?  I hadn’t either.  But I’m glad I researched her!

I stumbled upon Candi through my FB page.  Someone had posted this photo, which really caught my eye…

Candi with a Zebra she had just met!


For me, I couldn’t believe that anybody could get this close to a zebra she just met?!  (Zebras are notoriously rank.)

I was so impressed!

So, I dug a bit and came to realize that she was an animal communicator.

Hmmmmm.  (Hubby is rolling his eyes right now…)

I then clicked to go to her website.  Of course, since she is from my part of Southern CA, I could immediately pick out familiarities so I felt comfortable – but what really peaked my interest were the expressions on the animals’ faces that she was reading in her video (click here to watch her video).

Wow.  They looked really happy to have her there.

Hmmmmm, again.

Click image to watch her video!



I then clicked around until I saw something quite unusual…

If I booked her to speak to my animals, my payment would be taken as a ‘donation’ for her non-profit, ADOPTION 911.  Her fees went to help animals…  Nice!

I then wondered who was associated with the Adoption 911 and I found out by digging deeper.  Clearly, Candi worked hard pounding the pavement to have so many local sponsors/donators/friends.  I admired that…  It takes time/determination to apply for a 501 and it takes time to keep one running.

Hmmmmm.  Hmmmmmm.

I reiterated the deal to myself:   if I booked her, the money would be tax-deductible and it would go towards helping animals who need adoption.



So I booked an appointment via her online system.  The appointment was today at 9am via phone.

(I did send her an email through her website telling her who I was and that I would probably want to write about the session…so to be forewarned.  She wrote back and said she had no worries.)

Candi called at the appropriate time which was a good start…  I went downstairs into the guest bedrooms so I wouldn’t have any distractions.

Candi asked me how I was and I told her the truth – I had a stomach ache.  (Doh!  I can be such a doofus!)

Anyway, the first 10 minutes was a relaxation exercise which I quite enjoyed.  She told me that she would only have to do this once since the next time I called her, the relaxation would be triggered by her voice.

I liked that!  I wish all my friends had that effect on me!

After her total relaxation of me, my voice was about 6 octaves lower.  Ahhhhhhh.  I would have paid the money just for that!


The first horse I wanted to chat with was BG.  Truly, I wanted to chat with them all… but I actually wanted some information from BG.

Candi said that BG was there and ready… She described BG as a very girly girl (which she is) and very cerebral (which she is).  Candi described her as very ordered and a thinker.  If she was a human she’d be a personal organizer or an accountant.

I wanted to speak to BG. (Finn's full sister.)

Yup, that’s my girl!

I asked BG if she liked to trail ride (because to me, BG always seemed very serious and as if she was too busy doing her job to enjoy the ride – which bothered me).

Through Candi, BG responded that she does like to go out but more so with other horses, especially the light colored horse that she lives with (Finn).  She isn’t afraid to trail ride – she wanted to make that distinction – she was just busy because there was “so much to look out for out there”.

She also wanted to reiterate that she wasn’t non-trusting, but more that she just ‘wasn’t sure’…

I asked what she did like to do… Through Candi, BG said that the activity she liked the best was to take walks with me.  And, when she does take walks with me, she puts her nose right against my shoulder and stays very close.

I then asked Candi to tell BG that when I put cream in her ears and on her belly, it wass to help her with the bugs.  And, I might have to have her wear a blanket and hood this summer.

BG responded by saying that it would be better for her if I wasn’t as tentative and gentle when I put her flymask on (with ears) or her cream.  She suggested I be more firm when I grab her ears or rub her belly with cream because when I’m too gentle, it tickles.  She’d prefer I ‘just do it and get it over with’.

All true.

BG is a thinking horse.  She is very ordered and learns patterns quickly.  She is very occupied with keeping us safe on the trails and she does love to simply take walks with me – with me on the ground leading – and she does put her nose right into my shoulder as we go.  And, come to think of it, I am quite tentative when I put on her creams.  I think I am too light of a touch…  it is no wonder she jumps a little.

BG saddled and ready to go - and listening as always.



Then we moved onto Rojo.

I wanted him to know how much I valued him and how much I appreciated that he was here.  I asked if he was happy.

Candi told me that Rojo had never met a girl before he met me.  (He was rounded up by the BLM and brought to the Carson City Prison where he was trained by an inmate.)  He told Candi that he loved the female energy.

She described him as a ‘ladies man’… (which is so true because he has finally settled down now that I’ve put him in with all the mares).

Rojo's adoption picture


Candi told me that Rojo adored me and looked very forward to galloping on top of mountains and going anywhere we wanted.  He knew he was there to be ridden and he was totally up for it.  He said that he loved me more like his ‘best girl’ than just a female – and he didn’t want my husband around.

I asked Candi to tell him that he has to let the farrier pick up his back left foot.  He told her that it makes him feel very vulnerable.  He had a rope on it before and he will never forget that feeling…  She told him that the rope would never happen again.  He said he would try to be more agreeable to the farrier.

I then asked why he didn’t like me to catch him.

He said that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to be caught.  It was that he would prefer me to put the rope around his neck first (they did that at the prison, he said) instead of putting the halter over his nose first.  The ‘nose first’ part was too overwhelming.  Also, he didn’t like the color of his halter.  He would prefer a lighter color.  He would prefer blue, not red.

I asked if he was happy and he replied with a resounding YES.  I asked if he remembered being wild and he showed Candi a picture from a hilltop.  She said it was beautiful.

I asked if he was ready to ride with me.  She said he was totally ready and said, LET’S GO!

Candi said that Rojo was a very emotional horse.  His emotions for me were very heartfelt and strong – almost as if he had a crush on me.  (I swear, he looks at me like that…)

Rojo does stare right into my eyes – so odd for a horse.  He reminds me of Aladdin in so many ways – especially his sweetness.  Hubby has remarked that Rojo doesn’t like him…  And Rojo did let me catch him today when I put the rope over his neck first.  Hmmmmm.

I’m very eager to see what happens this weekend when I ride him for the first time this season.

Oh, and at the end of the session, Candi asked how my stomach felt… I thought about it and told her that I was now fine.


Rojo, far right, relaxing with all the ladies...



My end result is that I now want to speak to all of my horses and dogs and cats!

I’d love to know more and I’d love to see if I can solve some nagging issues I have with Bodhi, Remi and Wrigley.  I’d like to ask Bodhi not to fight with everyone.  I’d like to ask Wrigley to not be so pushy.  I’d like to ask Remi why she looks at me so disgusted sometimes…

I want to comfort both of my elderly dogs.  I want to explain to Floppy Kitty why she shouldn’t go into the cow pasture next door.

I want to listen to Tess tell me all about her show career and how it effected her.  I want to know how she feels about her babies…

I want to listen to what all of them have to say!

And when I do get the money to listen to them all, I can feel a little less guilty about spending money because the fees are donated to a worthy cause (Adoption 911) and it is tax deductible!

CONTACT INFORMATION  (I have no affiliation)

Click this link to go to her website.

All animals, not just equines!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Karin Boulanger

    Hi Dawn,
    So, are you a believer? I am so, so skeptical, but I WANT to believe, if you now what I mean! I mean, intellectually I KNOW this is impossible, but the IDEA of asking my beloved dog how he really feels about life would be so,.. well, scary, quite frankly! What if I wasn’t doing a good job?!

    I see Candi offers half hour and one hour sessions. If I convince myself to give this a try, do you think half an hour would be enough to talk to one small dog, and possibly one old, fat, probably indifferent cat? I could probably swing the hundred bucks, but two hundred and I’d have to get the hubby involved, and I can’t see myself trying to explain THAT purchase to him!! LOL!

    I truly hope, for your sake, that your horses really feel the way Candi said they do. I’m not surprised by Rojo’s love for you (it’s a mutual admiration society, after all!), but I’m especially glad that your mind could be set at ease about BG. I know how you worry about her, and now you can ease some of that worry. And that’s a beautiful thing!

    So, are you a believer? ;-D
    Cheers, Karin

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