The value of true friends.

We had a tragedy here today.    (The horses are fine)

Ranch life can be difficult… but in an era when so many of us rarely know our neighbors – today, in a panic, a neighbor was all I had.

I digress a little… Since moving here, although I am not pleased with our horse set-up and I am constantly fighting ‘what I used to have’ vs what I do have… the one thing that I’ve always said about this recent move:  I have more friends here in Paso Robles than I ever did in Grass Valley.  I remember wishing that I had friends to share coffee and conversation over the fence or whatever… and now I have that.

Perhaps I didn’t try hard enough in Grass Valley.  Or maybe I’m just happier with the town of Paso Robles and the area… not sure.  But it is true, I have more friends in the short time that I’ve been here, than I did in the 12 years of Grass Valley.


This morning, I needed help.  Hubby was over an hour away in class.  I called my neighbor.

One knows that tone of voice when one hears it.  My neighbor knew it was an emergency instantly.  I barely got the words out and she said, “I’m coming right over.”  Then she immediately texted me saying  “Hang in there, I’m downtown but will be there asap.”

And she came.  As I was leaving my driveway, she pulled up, parked her car and took over driving, talking to me the whole way.

She said the things she needed to say to keep me calm.  She listened to my concerns and did her best to assuage my fears.  She was a rock – who drove really, really fast.

This woman, Barbara, came to my rescue in a big way.


When I was young and in college, a co-worker called me after midnight –  in hysterics – because her boyfriend had been shot in Westwood.

One of the things I regret to this day, and one of my huge life lessons, was not running to her aid immediately.  For some reason in my teenage brain, I thought my life and my class finals the next day, were more important.

I so regret greatly my actions that day.

A few years later, when my good friend lost her husband to suicide, I got on a plane and flew to her immediately.  It didn’t matter whatever I had on my schedule, I knew that NOTHING was more important than helping my friend at that horrible time.

I had learned.


Thank  you to all of the good people out there.  The sung and unsung.  Sure, there are heroes on the news who deserve accolades, but today, my neighbor Barbara was my hero.  I could not have done it without her.

All of you who may not have been thanked for your heroic acts on a daily basis, I thank you all right here, today.

Blessed are the hearts of those who help others, no matter what.

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  1. Megan

    Sorry for your loss. I had no idea the tragedy you mentioned was both of your pups. I must have missed the rest of the story.

    Puppies have the amazing ability to heal a broken heart.

  2. Karen Bringol

    Bless your heart, just saw what you posted today. I am so very sorry for the loss of your dogs. Hugs from Texas.

  3. Stacey Adams

    Hang in there Dawn. We may be virtual friends but we are friends all the same – for all the ups and downs. Praying for you.

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