One of those days…

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 | Filed under Musings

Ever have one of those days?…

Today, I had to bail off of my horse.

Yup.  Fall go boom.

Ouch.  My pride was really bruised.

I sat there, on the ground, and just shook my head while my horse looked at me oddly…

Rojo:  “Why are you down there?”

Me:  Because you put me here.

Rojo:  “Why didn’t you stay on?”

Me:  Because I’m older, more afraid than I was earlier in my life and I’m still scarred from a previous accident 5 years ago… not that you would understand any of that.

Rojo:  “Believe me, I have scars.  You just can’t see them.  In fact, I think you rubbed on one when you were riding me just then.”

Me:  Maybe we oughtta heal each other a little more before we do that uncomfortable thing again.

Rojo:  I’m game if you are.

Me (brushing myself off):  OK.  But I’m mad at you.

Rojo:  Well, bring some hay into my paddock and let’s eat together.  You read your book about how to get along with me and I’ll sit there with you and eat.  We’ll be OK.

So we did…

…Then, I had to go to a specialist regarding my health.  Yuk.  He told me that my condition was manageable but not curable.  Double Yuk.  I’m actually thinking of exercising every single day, eating right and controlling my stress.  Novel concept….

And, MamaTess is still no better.  She is still on the experimental drugs.  We’ve got the special abscess drawing pads on her feet and they are wrapped and padded.

No change.

Tomorrow, we take Xrays again.


While I was trying to find low starch/low carb/low sugar feed at the feed store, the clerk told me I needed to try REMISSION.  Has anyone heard of it?   She said it really works with chronic founder… but I find that hard to believe since no one has ever mentioned it before.

I bought a tub anyway.  Figured it couldn’t hurt.

Anyway, I’m feeling kinda blue and don’t have much to say.  So, I think I’ll let Fergus bring you a smile.

I love Fergus.

I love Fergus.

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If you purchase anything at Riding Warehouse through this portal, the Bucket Fund will benefit!!

If you purchase anything at Riding Warehouse through this portal, the Bucket Fund will benefit!!

The month is almost up!  Any partial sponsors out there for Buster?  Email me if you'd like to sponsor him:

The month is almost up! Any partial sponsors out there for Buster? Email me if you’d like to sponsor him:

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    Thank you, Nancy!
    Yes, I received samples of the Beet Treats in my last order. My horses didn’t love them, but they did eat them – probably like how we are with ‘healthy’ treats, eh?

  2. Nancy Babcock

    Sorry to hear of the off day…and of Mama Tess’s continued woes. Have you by any chance checked with a homeopathic equine vet? I consulted with Joyce Harman, DVM of Harmany Equine in VA ( ) when my rescued Belgian had chronic abscesses (had had them all his life as it turned out). What she prescribed worked wonders-after I’d tried every western remedy including every antibiotic known on the planet. The homeopathic idea is not to block the infection, but to draw it out–silicea is what she recommended and it worked wonders and instantly–more abscesses appeared–which is what you want. I paid for an initial consult with her and then could recontact her at no extra charge throughout the episode I’d initially called about–I highly recommend her.

    As for low sugar/carb/starch feed my current guy (another rescued Belgian) is doing well on Wellsolve Weight Control–there’s also a Wellsolve Low Carb…both are low in sugars and starches. I know you know about low-carb hay. A great no-sugar treat is Beet Treats by Emerald Valley–the feed stores near me in Sonoma County don’t carry them, but I order them from Mary’s Tack in Del Mar or Jedlicka’s in Santa Barbara. They’re not cheap (understaement), but they last a long time–they’re compressed beet pup and take a long time to chew, so you don’t go through them as fast as other treats and my guy LOVES them.

    I have great empathy for what you and Tess are going through–it’s the worst for you both. Hope something helps soon…

  3. Angie Friehauf

    So sorry to hear you are having an off day. We all have them but they sure make life a struggle sometimes. Just be sure to take care of yourself today…do nice things for yourself..and know we all sympathize! Sending you a hug as well. Tomorrow will be better.

  4. Peg

    Here’s a cyber hug {{{{{{{{{{Dawn}}}}}}}}} That’s the best I can do from here.
    Yep,do know how you feel – I have stage 4 colon cancer,in remission at the moment. Also I turn 70 next week or so… no cure for that excpt one I don’t want…
    Go hug the horses,bask in their presence,enjoy the moment

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