New Year Resolutions.

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As I write this, it is New Year’s Day.

The girls are putting away all the Holiday decorations and Hubby is making tamales (using every possible kitchen implement available) and I am upstairs listening to Grooveshark as I write.

Of course, my first thought for today’s blogpost is NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.

What are mine, I wonder?  Usually, I never make any resolutions because for me, if I make a resolution and I don’t succeed, I feel like I failed – instead of feeling like every day is a new day… EVERY DAY I can decide to fix something in my life.

But, this year, I decided to make some outloud resolutions so that all of you can keep me honest.  And, maybe some of you can help me…


The good ol' resolution list...





Y’know, picking up 50lb sacks of grain and carrying buckets around is just not cutting it for me anymore.  I need some help to be as strong as I need to be to work with Rojo and Wrigley.

Not that I need force, but just that I need to be more fit and more coordinated.  I find that if I’m not in shape, I’m less coordinated and therefore less confident.

So, I have an Endless Pool that is calling my name every morning (or 5 days a week) between 7:30 and 8:30.

This is me a few years ago on my friend's mule. I want to be that strong again.



Being freelance has its advantages, but also has drawbacks.  I find myself prioritizing everything that needs to get done over what I need to have happen for my own well being.

So, I am insisting that I groom one horse every day and work with one horse 5 days a week.

The other stuff comes after.

To do this, I need to get up around 5:30 every day.

Setting my alarm now…

I have no idea what kind of a chart this is but the overall impression is how I feel every day...



BLOG:  I’ve taken a few courses on how to grow the blog… but since I don’t sell anything, it is tough.  Not many scholars tell you how to grow a blog that is just about a topic and not about selling that topic.

But, I’m determined to try.

So, if you read a post you like, please pass it onward and we’ll see what happens.

Just as an fyi, the blogpost I wrote on Bettina Eistel has grown a life of its own and been passed more than 12,000 times on Facebook alone (the counter on the actual page was reset when the server went down badly a while back – so the number on the page is inaccurate).  Amazing!

BUCKET FUND:  The success of the Bucket Fund this year (over $30,000) kinda floored me.  I didn’t realize how much we had collected and donated until I made a quick calculation yesterday.  Wow.

If we can collect that much money without me really trying anything other then writing about unfortunate horses, perhaps I can grow that, too, this year.  It would be WONDERFUL to think that a grass roots organization like The Horse and Man Group could grow to be a force of change.




Yep.  Gonna try it.

Finn goes in and out of liking to trail ride.  Since I don’t do it enough, he become insecure when we go alone.  It takes quite a few rides before he forgets his concern and hunts down the new trails like he used to when we rode all the time.

This makes me sad.

My neighbor borrowed Finn a few years back to ride on a drill team.  He did great!   So, I’ve decided to become an alternate on a local drill team so that Finn and I have a scheduled thing to do.   I’m sure he will be better than I am at it…

This cracked me up! I imagine this is the kind of drill team that would match my skill level...



Norma Jean, my donkey, has her own FB page and I’m creating her website.  She’s a popular jenny.  Her comments get more reply comments (per capita) than HORSE AND MAN.


Somehow, this donk motivates or touches people.  I’m not sure her secret but I’m kinda envious in a very sideways and odd way.

I’ve been asked, prompted, prodded and practically begged to (help her) write a book of some sort.

I vow to do this in 2012.

This was Norma's Holiday Greeting card...



I worry too much.

I spend time trying to be better than I can possibly be.  Sometimes this makes me spin my wheels which makes me even more flustered.

I have this idea in my head that I used to be a much more successful person than I am now which is based on the amount of money I no longer make…  So, I keep seeking that thing that I should be doing in my work life that will bring me to where I was before, financially.

And while doing this, I have started to crush my self esteem and I’ve wasted a lot of time.

As Hubby said to me recently, ‘it isn’t what you do, it is who you are…”.

I feel blessed that he is here.  Now I need to shutup and live the life and work before me.

Dumping the Baggage I put upon mysefl.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Chrysta Bairre

    Well hello there! A friend of mine that follows your blog (and mine) forwarded your blog link to me. I believe I can offer a few resources to help you grow your blog.

    I don’t sell anything on my blog, instead I write about work-life balance, personal & professional development & career management. I write to inspire and engage myself and others.

    I’ve found a lot of great blog resources that have helped me grow my blog and I’ve become happily involved in the blogging community, interacting with and sharing information with other bloggers. Here’s a few websites I recommend:

    SITS Girls:
    While SITS has become a bit more focused on making money from blogging, their website continues to be a great resource for general blogging tips & how to’s whether or not you intend to monetize.

    Adrienne Smith:
    Adrienne writes a lot about her blogging success and puts up how to videos & posts relating to becoming a better blogger.

    Mom Comm blogs all about blogging & social media success and many of her articles have been helpful for me.

    There are also many blogging conferences geared towards women that offer tips & know-how on blogging success (not just monetizing, but growing an audience). Last year I attended Bloggy Boot Camp with the SITS Girls and this year I’m attending BlissDom:

    Hope you find some of those resources useful in acheiving your 2012 goals!


  2. nancy

    Join the type A Personality Club. The people we are hardest on are – uh – ourselves??? I’m glad you have Kent to keep you grounded. You do a lot. As far as making as much money as you used to – well, I don’t think anyone is! You do a lot, and a lot of good. Relax a little would you? And BTW, although it is an admirable goal to be as fit as we were ten years ago, age does make a difference! Do your best, but don’t overdo! I’m proud to call you a friend~

  3. Jody Brittain

    I read every post of Horse and Man, and follow all the links that you share. I love your blog, and you are a good writer. I look forward to the New Year with you.

  4. Gaye

    My plan (not-exactly-resolutions) for 2012 echo yours in many ways. I think the question is, how do we maintain the interest and intent to do/create/schedule these things over the long haul … meaning longer than a week or two. We get lost all too quickly back in ‘mess’ of the world. Grooming one horse a day, for one example, is doable! Onward!! :)

  5. Mimi Foxmorton

    How beautiful!
    And HOW did I ever miss about Norma Jean? :)

    How wonderful you are. I so enjoy reading your work.

    Have an amazing, creative and most satisfying New Year!


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