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Well, I know how hard it is to constantly open your FaceBook or open your mail and have bad horse news. And, since yesterday I posted the dramatic Bucket Fund story — which isn’t “bad” news since they are all in very good hands now — I wanted to post some generally uplifting news and photos.

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Good for the HORSE AND MAN Group!

Here is our receipt for our group donation to the July Bucket Fund Charity, The Golden Carrot.

The Golden Carrot

The lovely Song that we are feeding this month!

was thrilled to receive this money!  They told me that they would use the money to feed Song for a month.  Yippee!  That is great news for Song and great news for us.


is a 23 year old Welara

– which is apparently a cross between Arabian and Welsh Pony.  She was left at the Golden Carrot because her previous owners said she was unsound.  At The Golden Carrot, Song is thriving with just a trim.  She gives rides to all the little kids and works like a little engine that could!  Song gets along with everyone and is a delight.

Thank you, Horse and Man readers for helping the older, forgotten horses, Song in particular, at The Golden Carrot!


Yesterday we spoke of the 14 neglected horses that were rescued by BHFER last week.  (You can read the blog post here or scroll down to yesterday’s post.)

Anyway, there was a baby in there, Bandit, who had to have his severely injured eye removed.

Bandit up and running after his eye removal two days ago!

Well, today he looks very, very happy!  Look at him run around at BHFER!  Obviously, he feels so much better without that painful, fly eaten eye.  Ugh.

His Mamma still needs much TLC.  She was the mare who was all alone, caring for this baby without any food and water.  Now that she is getting support, I feel her days will become better and she will recover, too.  Yay!


This is kinda like Saturday Phoblog, but I wanted us to have some joy today…  So, here goes:

1)  I got this off of FB and it cracked me up.

Mom! You just missed it! Aliens came and collapsed this chair and threw all your stuff all over the barn aisle!

I posted what his owner remarked when she posted the photo.  Haven’t we all seen this face when we stumble upon a horsey mess?

2)  Horse Art from Nature!  I thought these were just too cool.  One is a horse made out of snow and the other is a horse made out of sand!

3)  Here is a happy,

Baby Pillow!

healthy Momma sleeping on her baby pillow.  Love it!

4)  Here is a horse getting his teeth water flossed!

Abandoned baby Mustang, Summer in Shirley's foal room

5)  Finally, two photos of Summer, that Mustang baby that was born on the rescue lot and abandoned.  She is thriving in the care of Shirley Allen, the baby angel.

Summer waking up

If you’d like to read more about Shirley, here is her link.

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The August Bucket Fund will benefit the charity BHFER.  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate $5,  please click on the Bucket Fund photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

August's Bucket Fund is Beauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue. Click here to make a $5 Pay Pal Donation. Easy and it means so much!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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