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Hubby is home taking care of MT and Gwen…

I’m on the road, working and I feel badly that Hubby has such a chore each day – but, it is kinda good that he spends time with his girlfriend, MT.  She adores him.

Anyway, today is Sunday and Sundays are Fundays!

So, thanks to the wonderful reader who sent in this heartwarming video about German farm milk cows who were saved from slaughter and released.

Click image to watch this short and very sweet video!

Click image to watch this short and very sweet video!

I was so moved, I went to the URL posted at the end of the video.

Click image to go to the URL, however, it is in German...

Click image to go to the URL, however, it is in German…

It will take you here...

It will take you here…



I have no idea what this actually says, but I think I can figure it out!  Clearly, some cows still need sponsorship.

You know, I think I will inquire.  This is so sweet and such a kind gesture, I’d like to see if $20 USD will help them in any way.  I’d love to sponsor Rio.  I just loooove her face!

If you’d like to go to the site, just click here and then click on the “Die Kuhe” tab.

Look at all of these faces!!


Cow Rescue Rhein-Berg—an Animal Sanctuary 
Welcome to our Internet site!
We are happy that you are interested in our foundation, and we hope very much that our parti-colored rescue animals will succeed in worming their way into your heart as they already have in ours.
“Many earth ages of love will be necessary to repay the animals for their service to us and give them their just reward.” (Christian Morgenstern)
Partial Sponsorships are available from 10 Euros monthly and up:
Green Heart: fully sponsored
Yellow exclamation point: has partial sponsorships totaling over 50 Euros monthly
Orange exclamation point: has partial sponsorships totaling less than 50 Euros monthly
Red exclamation point: has no sponsorships
From the website:

May 30, 2013  The video “The Cows are Free!”  has already gotten more than 12,000 hits on Youtube and over 17,500 hits on Facebook. We are very happy about that and we thank Silvia und Denis very much that through this video they have succeeded in getting more sponsors for our cows.

THANKS FOR SHARING WITH ME!  Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Arliss

    This is really touching. Thank you for sharing! I love cows. Please let us know what you find out — I would love to sponsor one too.

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