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Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 | Filed under Musings

I’m writing this with the Glory Window open (on Marestare) on my desktop where I can write and watch at the same time.

This is quite frustrating because I want to show you her baby and write about that… but there is no baby yet and I have a deadline.  And, truth to tell, I was kinda bummed that Faith’s baby took all the thunder yesterday (It was pretty great!).   But most of you didn’t even notice the original blog I had written about one of the Nurse Mare Foal Heartbreak Kids adoption (linked here)!

So, I hesitate to write a blogpost and then do the same thing tomorrow – where Glory’s baby will supercede whatever I write.  And, I’m pretty sure that Glory will have her baby tonight.  (Of course, we’ve been saying that for a few days now.)  It would be kinda fun if both the Junkyard 4 pregnant mares had their foals on the same day, eh?!

OK, so I’m going to write about something not very important but interesting – just in case I have to interject Glory’s new foal on top of it.


Theresa sent out this photo of her ‘goodbye’ with Red and Tucker.  Bittersweet.


Theresa wishing Red and Tucker a wonderful life before they made the journey to their new home..


Since I was at my computer all day (working and watching Marestare with Glory), I was able to look at HORSE AND MAN’S website statistics whenever I wanted.

Today, the visitor numbers quadrupled because everyone was passing around the news of Faith’s baby.  So, I decided to watch the countries of the viewers.  Every so often, I’d click the stats page and take a photo of all the readers in that instant.  Of course, I missed lots of people, but I think you get the idea here.

To me, this was very, very interesting.  I wonder who all these people are?  I wonder how they found out about the blog.  I wish I could meet them all.  And, who is reading in The Republic of Moldovia?!

The fact that the map of the world – which shows the people who have clicked on my site – has almost no places untouched, I’m kind of in awe.  I’m TOTALLY in awe of the Internet.  This little blog has traveled all over the world… wow.

Anyway, here are some of my screen shots of the stats.

Map. When it is live, I can click anywhere and see how many readers. Cool!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!





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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Miss Jan

    Well I for one am not surprised at your wide readership because you produce a truly excellent blog with top notch writing and gorgeous photos and your work with the Bucket Fund is nothing less than amazing. I go to your blog first every single day and read everything, often linking to what you write about (esp. the websites for DETC and Beauty’s Haven). Even if I can’t read every scrap at the first look I always go back later at a less busy time of the day and read up again. The product reviews I also find to be excellent and spot-on – have to confess I like to “field test” everything and have some pretty high standards what I use on or feed to my own horses and your product reviews have given me some really good advice, so that’s appreciated too.

    In short: it is my belief that through semi-private writings such as blogs with links and solid information, like-minded people with mutual interests are indeed helping each other in ways that were simply not possible in pre-internet days. We truly are becoming a global village and truly too, the animals benefit greatly from it.

  2. rjfm

    I’ve been watching Glory and am wondering if there is any new information? I signed up for the chat group on marestare yesterday but haven’t been approved by the moderator yet. It’s hard watching her stand there with her tail flicking back and forth and her head in a corner for so long. Is she ok? I’m new to the foaling process.

  3. Sharon

    Hi Dawn! Well, first, I agree with the other Sharon uphead of me in the comments, huh? did I already comment? lol

    I clicked on MareStare yesterday, it was a little dim but I saw that cute baby and had NO IDEA it wasn’t Glory until I read today’s blog.

    Last, the stats don’t surprise me at all. Your blog is AMAZING. Period.

  4. Linda Horn

    I went to the Marestare website and was VERY impressed. Quite a complicated undertaking.

  5. Linda Horn

    Congrats on your “World of Viewers”. Had to get out the Atlas for Muldova! I love Norseman’s “kick up my heels” pic. So good he “chose” the right folks. I’m waiting for Armstrong to pick his “forever” family. Sounds like he’s a handful now. I love his soulful eyes!

  6. Stef

    I’m just annoyed that because of time zones I’ll probably miss any births since according to the marestare camera thing it’s 12:21pm there whereas over here in the UK it’s 5:21pm.
    I also check your blog most days so I don’t know if I’m responsible for one of those UK stats?

  7. Sharon

    I too was thrilled with Norsman’s adoption, and I too did not comment. I take great interest in everything that you write about, but don’t always comment. I even refer back to your previous posts often for information on products, book recommendations, names of recues organizations, etc…
    I look forward to reading your blog daily, in fact it is the first thing I look for when I open Facebook. I am always amazed that you find such interesting things to blog about on a daily basis.
    I also agreee with Peg when she says just because we don’t comment doesn’t mean we don’t care. However, I would like to think that since you are able to reach so many people around the world, that donations to the Bucket Fund would be much higher than they are. If each one of your followers would donate even $10 a month, think how much help that would be.
    Thank you for doing what you do each and every day!

  8. peg

    I was soo thrilled that Norsman was adopted.. But I didn’t comment..why? Dunno..
    There are several of those foals I’d adopt in a heartbeat if only I was 100 years younger..
    Don’t think because noone comments that it’s because we don’t care,sometimes I just can’t put my thoughts into words..
    I’m also in awe of how far reaching the ‘net is– I’ve now got cyberfriends in several countrys that are very dear to me.. and I can find out news and information on most any subject..

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