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Wrigley is the last foal of my lead mare, Tess.  Wrig is hot, showy, fabulously talented, trots higher than his mom and has the This was Wrig's 2 year old photo - so full of himself!“Look at ME!” attitude.  Sigh.  I wanted an easy going, smallish trail horse and I got a HUGE show horse.  I’m not complaining but he is too tall for me, with an even higher headset.  Sigh (again).

Still, I think he is a sweetie. However, I do notice that all the mares kick and bite him often so I think he is a bit irritating to them.  Well, OK, I know he is a bit irritating to the mares… ;)

Wrigley tries to act tough but as soon as he is threatened, he runs to his mother for protection.  And, of course, she gives it.

Currently, Wrigley is in training to become a good citizen on the ground.  Eventually, when he matures emotionally, we will train him to ride.

Wrigley really needs to be in the show ring…  That is his calling.  UPDATE:  No one could have predicted or prevented the tragedy that befell Mr. Wrigley.  He caught an infection that went to his heart.  The incredible team at Loomis Basin Equine Hospital tried everything possible to save him, but the strain on his kidneys/liver from the antibiotics needed to help his weakened heart, took him.  We are in shock.  He was only 14.  God took him to be reunited with his mother, Mama Tess on 10/20/22.

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