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She was caught as an estray.

I rescued the malnourished, very skinny, wild/estray Sam when she was 11 months pregnant.  She was on a feedlot, ready to take the long trip to Mexico.

Sam is so beautiful you just want to go up to her and admire her.  But, you probably shouldn’t because she would just run away.  I wrote about her earlier as my rescue story.  I love watching her because she is so intelligent in her wild ways, but I also wish I could touch more than just her head and shoulder.  I used to really worry that I would never trim her feet or be able to care for her if she got sick… so I worked with her and even sent her to training.  We didn’t get very far.  She is a tough nut.  But, I can halter her and she will follow me.  So, in an emergency, I could lead her away.  Sam’s feet stay trimmed, somehow.  I think her rocky pasture is the key.

I do have to say, in her defense, that the other horses seem to love her.  She was a great Mom to her mini-me foal that was adopted out to a lovely ranch environment.

Sam and I have an understanding.  She does what she is told and I don’t get into her space… although I’d like to.  UPDATE:  Sam lived at Skydog Sanctuary in Oregon for 18 months before she passed peacefully.  Thank you, Clare Staples, for granting her freedom again.  My heart swells.  Update:  Sam passed suddenly (probably heart related) with her freedom and friends intact at Skydog Ranch Sanctuary (Oregon) in 3/2018.

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