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I adopted Rojo from the Prisoner Trained Mustang Program in Carson City, Nevada.

I won him by accident (I was trying to up the bid on him and ended going too far).  Hubby thinks my winning Rojo was divine The harem. I didn't have time to work him after I adopted him so he reverted. Here is (from left) Gwen, Remi, Sam and Rojo.intervention.  Everyone thinks he looks like my long lost bestie, Aladdin.

Rojo is short, stout, smart and loves to be loved.  However, after I adopted him, I became very busy with work – which allowed him to revert back to wildness with his harem of mares (Gwen, Sam and Remi).

So, I had to remove Rojo and put him next to Bodhi so I could work with him more often.  Rojo is my project hose.  I hope he will become my next, smallish but totally partnered, trail horse.  We’re working on that now…  UPDATE:  Rojo now lives at Skydog Sanctuary in Oregon.  Thank you, Clare Staples, for granting her freedom again.  My heart swells.

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