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Caught in Oregon

I found Remi on a killer feedlot.  She was skinny, her feet were very long and she was headed for the long, horrible ride to her demise.

Remi was the first mature horse I had purchased without a history.  That was odd and scary for me.  But, she had a very sweet face and kind eye — besides, isn’t that what rescuing is all about?  You never know what you are getting.  What you are doing is saving a life.

Remi's brand. I rescued her off of a killer feedlot.

I called the BLM and asked if they could read her brand. They did.  She was gathered at 2 years old from Oregon.  Her herd has Spanish Barb, TB and gaited horses in the wood pile.  Remi is the second largest horse here and she eats the most.  I find her very cool and aware.  She is a thinker.  And, she watches my every move.  I like her.  I won’t ride her (you’d feel the same way if you were on her back), but I will walk with her, practice all my equine body work on her (she loooooves that) and appreciate her for how far she’s come.  She is regal.  UPDATE:  Remi now lives at Skydog Sanctuary in Malibu.  Thank you, Clare Staples, for granting her freedom again.  My heart swells.

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