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Ponyman Rocky Balboa was rescued from a kill pen in Texas.  We think he is approximately 11 years-old.  Not sure.

How could a darling pony like him end up in a kill pen?  Well, he lost one eye and can’t see very well out of the other eye, he is bold, he is a fighter (hence the name) and he is too confident for his size which gets him in trouble.

I’m guessing, since he is so pretty, Rocky was purchased for a child, but was way too much pony for a child… and was passed around – he has 3 brands.  Every one wanted him, but no one could deal with him.  As it is, he goes berserk when he sees a farrier…

The fact that he doesn’t see well, which could have played a part in losing his eye – probably did not help his former career.

We adopted Ponyman Rocky Balboa from All Seated In A Barn rescue.  They felt that his looks were deceiving and that too many parents would want him for their kids, but he wasn’t that kind of pony.  I agreed.  Rocky wasn’t meant for a kid.  And he wasn’t meant for most people after whatever he went through in his life so far.  So, we took him.

I had hoped that Rocky would like Norma Jean, since she had just lost both of her long-term pony friends, but he didn’t.  He tolerates donkeys, but he doesn’t adore them – and Norma needs to be adored by her pony.

Welcome to the herd, Ponyman Rocky Balboa!


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