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ISABELLE, named by Hubby.

Isabelle was without a person of her own, living at Loomis Basin Equine Hospital.

I went to Loomis Basin Equine Hospital a lot when we first moved back to Grass Valley.  Wrigley was in intensive care for a week, then Beautiful Girl was rushed to the hospital with twisted gut, and finally, Gwen passed.

So, I was ripe to take home a homeless horse.  Besides, she looked a bit like a Morgan.  She had a Morgan eye.   Isabelle was offered to me, and I agreed.

We are now learning about Isabelle.  She has yet to come out of her shell.  But we have done her DNA and found out that she is half Morgan and half Standardbred!  What an unusual combination!

Welcome to the herd, Isabelle!

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