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1st foal of Tess, smart, gorgeous and knows it… Trouble is her middle name. This mare is so sweet on the ground…  Famous last words, eh? People think she is so pretty and sweet. Well, she can be… but usually she isn’t. Gwen is the most trained horse A beautiful Morgan mare... daughter of because I had lots of time when she was young, and because she needed it. I swear, this mare did not mature and become safe until she was 13. Now, I am comfortable riding her, barely. She can rear like Trigger and jump over anything. Very athletic. Too athletic. I thought about breeding her because of her beauty but then decided she might kill and eat her young. (This picture is of us just before a trail ride.)

I tease about her, but I actually quite respect her. This girl is s-m-a-r-t. She totally understand English and I can read her like a book. She and I have a strong connection and I adore  her.

Oh, and she can dance… Gwen will follow my footsteps to a “T”!

Update:  Gwen passed at the age of 28 on May 9, 2023.  I am heartbroken.

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