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Dodger dodged a bullet. I got him from a feedlot when he was just 3.   Dodger has lousy conformation for a Shetland.  He was used on a pony-ring ride, the kind you see at County Fairs.  His saddle didn’t fit (by the looks of his huge scars on his shoulders).  UPDATE:  Dodger, best friend of Slick and Norma Jean (and best, most polite Shetland ever, passed away April 2021.  My heart was broken and so was Norma Jean’s.  He was 40 years old.

And, I expect from his attitude and the way he hates kids, he didn’t make his proprietors happy.  So, he was at the auction.  I got him for $26.50, his meat price.

Dodger is still very aloof with most humans.  But to me, he is so sweet and affectionate.  He’s a good boy and does whatever he is told.  However, when he is loose with the big horses, he will try to beat up Bodhi and chase the girls.  I have to be careful with him, little bugger.

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