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The Biggest unregistered half Percheron half Welsh Cobb (yes, really…)

Bodhi is my husband’s horse.  He is a Percheron/Welsh Cobb cross.  Yup.  The Percheron jumped the fence.  UPDATE:  Bodhi now lives with our friend, Monique, and he is ridden often.  Bodhi loves Monique and the feelings are mutual.

He loves to suck on his water mister... a character.

Anyway, he is as sweet as can be but he is really big.  And, he likes to lean, chew, paw, smash or get into anything he wants.  His pasture used to have a three walled, beautiful shelter but Bodhi remodeled it.  Now just has the 4 posts and a roof.  And, he is terminally mouthy.  Fence boards, shelters, trees … are fine to nibble.  Believe me, he has all of his salts, vitamins, supplements, food, you name it.  He just likes to use his mouth and to push on things.  I hope he will grow out of it.  But, even with all of that, we still love him.

Bodhi is a great match for my husband and a really solid, good guy.  He loves Remi and is best buds with Rojo.  He also has a love/hate relationship with Gwen.  They fight, they makeup, they fight, they makeup…  and so it goes.

Bodhi is now living and taking many riding adventures with our good friend.  They adore each other.

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