Did you see this article?

51 years old!!

I think that all of us with older horses should bring this article down to the barn and read it to them!  What inspiration!

The article says good food and no over-work is the reason for his long life.

Uh huh.  I think he also had to have some incredibly good genes and some consistent good love!!

A great story for a Sunday!

Here is the main article link – enjoy!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Diamond Magic Arabians

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring story & photos. Such a handsome gent he was! Full of life & love. I have 5 Arabians ages 25-28 … would love for each of them to live 20+ more years & stay healthy! Godspeed, Shayne … and thank you to all who care for an older or “special needs” friend, whether animal or human. This is the measure of our souls … how we treat those who are weak and need special care.

  2. Krista

    My older horse turned 26 this year and everyone thinks she is old! I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me “how old do horses live?” I’m going to start answering with Shayne’s story!

  3. dawndi Post author

    Linda: I am fine and thank you for asking… I did write the post but also switched back to the old email delivery system since there were so many complaints with the new (more technically sound but not visually…) email system.
    I didn’t – however – take into consideration the Daylights Savings Time thing and the whole clock system went haywire. So, the post didn’t deliver…

  4. Linda Hart

    Hope you are OK; it’s not like you to miss a post. You need a break but with no warning, I am worried.

  5. Jane

    What a wonderful inspiring story. It gives hope to all horse owners, but mostly to let go of “preconcieved” ideas of age limitations..
    I thoughts & prayers are with the Soul Of Shayne as his journey continues..
    Bless you Shayne, you’re an inspiration, my Bobbi who is 22-23 is only middle aged now! lol

  6. Cavanagh Arabians

    What a wonderful story. To have been loved and cared for so well to live to such a ripe old age.

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