Geoff Tucker, DVM: Equine dentististry without sedation or speculum!

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Yesterday, I wrote about how this is the season for Equine Dentistry Specials and that you might want to look into the specials in your area.  Then I spoke of the dentist/vet that came to visit yesterday.

Many of you spoke of the many Equine Dentists in your area that ARE NOT veterinarians. And, that many of them don’t use sedation.  I received one email from the UK saying that most equine dentists are not vets and never use sedation.  So there!

I WISH we, in California, had the choice.  But, the new laws have made it a bit more difficult for equine dentists who are not veterinarians to practice.  So, many have left.

As far as sedation, several of you also asked if ‘sedation’ was a normal thing.  Sadly, I think so… But, in support of those technicians and vets who love what they do, have the knowhow and treat the horses wonderfully and have the ‘knack’ of being able to work on horses without sedation… here is a post I wrote in 2012 about Geoff Tucket, DVM.

Take the time to watch at least one of these videos.  you will be very impressed!



Dawn, Doc T and Melissa are just the best! They come here to Massachusetts to do Hs teeth twice a year. Two other boarders at the barn have started using him. Sometimes non boarders truck in to have their horse’s teeth floated. I won’t let anyone put anything in Hs mouth except their hand and the float. Its not just that I’m old, and old fashioned. I’ve watched teeth being done with drugs, speculums, head supports and power tools and its horrifying. I want no stress in Hs life due to her IR, so finding Doc T has been a blessing. He examines her mouth and starts to float, talking to me, and her all the time. He gives plenty of rest breaks so the horse can relax.  H loves him. During the breaks, she likes to touch him, and rub on him a little. When he’s done, we get a receipt explaining what if anything they found and corrected.  I can’t recommend him enough!

If you can find enough people in your area to come together, or host a stress free teeth floating day, you might be able to get him to come to you area. You should also take a look at his pictures on the site. He’s a wonderful photographer.

I was thinking about horses and cracked teeth since I had just cracked my molar.  (Eechh.  Don’t ask…)

Anyway, for me, my cracked molar really, really hurt.  So, I figured that a horse’s tooth must also really hurt when it cracks.  I thought I would blog about that… cracked horse teeth.

However, when I proceeded to the googlencyclopedia I found no information on equine cracked teeth.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.   There was no information.

Evidently, cracks in horses teeth do not hurt the way cracks in human teeth do.  Or, if they do, the horses aren’t writing about it online…

However, even though my equine cracked tooth search came up dry, I did stumble upon an equine dentist who had several equine dentistry videos and other rather unusual (in a good way) content for a vet…

Click to go to his new website.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.25.02 PM

Click image to go to his FB page



I don’t know this equine dentist veterinarian at all.  I’ve never met him nor has he treated my horses or any horse I know.  But, his site piqued my interest.

And, since his website seemed geared towards education, I thought I’d ask him my question.  So, I ferreted out his email addressed and asked him why horses’ cracked teeth don’t hurt.

To my surprise, I was given an answer very quickly!  Actually, let me clarify that.  I received and email from him telling me when he would be able to answer me… which was on the following Wednesday.

Lo and Behold, on that following Wednesday, his response popped up in my email:

This was his email response to me. Click to enlarge



I liked his response and I wanted to know more… especially since his website tells of a book he wrote on horse husbandry called, The Ten Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship.  (I bought the book – I couldn’t resist!)

Hmmmmm.  And he tries to always work in the horse’s mouth without drugs or a speculum, eh?

This I have to research.

So, I did.

And, obviously so did he since there are 8 short videos on his website which demonstrate his knack/ability with drug free and speculum free equine dentistry.

Actually, there are several videos in there that answer questions and demonstrate equine dentistry questions.  I recommend anyone go to his site (The Equine Practice) or his You Tube page to check out the videos.

If he practiced anywhere near California, I’d have him out in a heartbeat.  I really, really wish I could see him in action.  And, I’d love for my horses to benefit from his ‘rooted in gentle’ procedures.

(He has his license in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and New York.)

If you click on the image, I’ve loaded one of his You Tube pages full of interesting equine vet video topics



For me, to be honest, my horses hate the dentist.  All  of them…  I don’t know if it is the drugs, the space invasion, the mouth stretching or all of the above.  I have yearned for an easier way – for the horse.

Of course, all the new medicines and electric equipment sure make it all sound better, faster, less time in the horses’ mouth, etc, etc…

But, to be honest, if this guy was near me, I’d drop all the technology to let him do his natural thing.

If any of you are in his area and decide to use him, please let me know!  Or, if any of you have already used him, please rebut me or tell me how wonderful he was.

In any case, please check out these videos.  I found them very eye opening…

Click image to watch video


I found it interesting in this one how he says the horse was packing food in one corner of his mouth to protect his cheek from a sharp spot… (click image to go to video)


Click the image to watch this video – amazing how the horse lets him do this, calmly…


Click image to watch him create a bit seat.


Click the image to watch him with a different horse


Wow. Hard to believe how calm, yet totally aware and responsive, the horse is here…


Here he uses his hand as a speculum. He isn’t a cowboy about it, he is using it as a tool.


Click image to see the video of the end – horses licking and chewing, fully alert.


Cool, huh?!…

Here is his website and his info:

8am – 5pm Monday through Saturday. Leave him be on Sundays…


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  1. dawndi Post author

    Hi: You wrote tot he blogger, not the dentist. Google him and I’m sure he will answer.

  2. Rick Kranz

    I recently meet a student of yours. I am a hoof care professional in WY. Equine Science Academy. I am building a network of equine professionals. Hoof care, Dentist, Chiropractic, Massage and the list will grow. Your student spent the better pat of the day with my wife I observing exactly what we do as far as hoof care. It was very enjoyable. She showed us her abilities to access the horses teeth. Impressive to say the least. With my education through the ESA we have had some (limited) education about equine dentistry. As with hoof care balance is everything. Your student gave me the impression that the incisors are not addressed unless there might be a hook. This is confusing to me. Also she mentioned that the upper and lower teeth do NOT come together to cut grass? She said the upper teeth and tongue do that. I have observed horses a life time. I’m 58 and have never witnessed that. I also researched this. I cannot find any such claim. I am not posting this to be a troll or cause turmoil. I am a educational junky and I crave more knowledge. Thank you Rick

  3. Lynn

    Stumbled upon this a year after it was published but I’ll comment anyway. i use Doc T for both my horses. He does a phenomenal job. They were actually here just this past week and my draft geldings were eating hay by the time Doc & Melissa walked back to the truck. No power tools, no speculum, no sedation to wear off, just plain old fashioned horsemanship and skill which results in no issues at all. If you are within his travel area, give Melissa a call. You won’t regret it.

  4. Jenifer

    This comment is late cuz I get to visit my fav horse blogs on the weekends only due to work schedule. I wish so much I was in this vet’s practice area because out here (left coast) it is very hard to find a vet who does gentle dentals on horses (or even dogs). They got their power tools and they aren’t afraid to use ’em!!! Last vet used a large horse size speculum on a mini and dislocated the mini’s jaw then denied there was a problem and left…I had a friend who is an equine massage/chiro come and fix the problem. Vet before that “hung” the horse from the barn rafter to keep the head up and kept the horse deeply tranquilized so he wouldn’t fight the rope. I was crying begging the vet not to do that and he was so rough with the power tools that there was blood everywhere and I do mean everywhere. Both vets – FIRED – but badmouthed me to other vets in my area (they told me) claiming the horses’ problems were because they were “poorly handled and I didn’t train them correctly.” I just heard about a traveling vet/equine dentist who supposedly comes to this area and am trying to get them to come to my farm. No excuse for vets to be cruel while doing any procedure on a horse (or dog for that matter) but especially dental because it makes the horse head shy and hard to bridle or halter or even stroke their face because they associate nothing but pain and agony when a human hand reaches for their face and all because of uncaring brutal veterinarians who should really – REALLY!! – know better. PS turning them into the state vet board only gets you blacklisted so everyone needs to quietly share adverse info of bad vets and be extremely careful not to get sued for tellin the truth.

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