MAMA TESS’ FUND – MT’s very own Jewelry for sale here!

me and tess


MAMA TESS PENDANT/CHARM $20 – $25 (includes shipping in the US) –

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Mama Tess “Stand in the Light” Sterling Silver pendant: 1″.  This sweet and inspirational charm was created through the strength of MT – an amazing mare.

TO PURCHASE MT PENDANT/CHARM WITH JUMP RING (fits most necklace chains or bracelets) for $20, click here.

TO PURCHASE MT PENDANT/CHARM WITH JEWELRY LOBSTER CLASP  (keyrings, bridles, necklaces, bracelets…) for $23, click here.

To Purchase MT PENDANT/CHARM  WITH LARGE LOBSTER CLASP (saddles, dog collars, ANYTHING…)  for $25 click here


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  1. Peter Kennedy MS MD

    Please. Dispense with the anger and angst. Think instead on an owner/manager whose love for her animals is quite unique, and even understandable.

    “You got a dog?” pk

  2. Heather Janzen

    My heart aches for you – I can feel the pain of the loss of MT… I followed your journey with her for the last few years. I am so sorry that she had to leave. I am going to envision her running free just as you did.. love and hugs, Heather

  3. Marty Tadtman

    Just a shout out to all who read HorseandMan and follow Dawn and her amazing stories and all the good she does spotlighting animals who need help……please donate to this fund to help pay Mama Tess’s bills! If you own a horse you know how expensive they can be! Dawn needs our help..$10,$20$100 or adds up! I’ve donated and will again so please help her out!! I’m just a reader and fan of hers and this really speaks to my heart! She helps so many…let’s help her!

  4. staci olson

    So sick and sad! These sick people need to suffer even more then these poor innocent animals!

  5. Tashia Davis

    This is so sad and wrong , I will never understand people that would hurt or kill , animals and children .. I think who ever is doing this to these poor beautiful horse , should have the same thing done to them ! And made to suffer as well !!! But I hope and pray they catch who is doing this to this babies , and they are made to pay big time .. I pray these horse make a full recovery , I would to do what ever I can to help .. But times are truly hard for me and family right now , but what ever I can send in I will .. Thank u Tashia Davis

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