Elections around the Ranch…

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I don’t know about you, but I am keenly interested in this election and the debates.

And then it occurred to me how different equines are to humans when it comes to elections…


I mean, in the end, I think maybe we all want the same thing – a leader.

But, the process is so much more efficient with the horses.

Or at least, it seems that way to me.


Horses don’t need elections every four years…

They work all that stuff out daily.

Yep.  Horses always know who’s the Boss.

And if that elected equine boss loses his/her leadership abilities, some other horse will challenge to take his/her position.


Do a good job or you are out.

Auff’d, as Heidi Klum would say.

…But not with humans.

We have epic, long and drawn out… elections.


Horses hold elections, too…

But, horses have energetic, immediate and decisive elections – often.

Especially if they live in a herd.  Invariably, someone will challenge someone else for something.

Whenever there’s a challenge and a need for a new election, a Lickity Split debate erupts.  Not much planning goes into these ad hoc debates…  All they really need are both participants and a discussion point and Whammo!  A Debate happens.

As soon as the debate starts, all the horses gather around and determine the winner (plus every position below the leader) in short order.  Depending upon the victor the power pyramid evolves, some jockeying happens and then they all move on – falling in line behind the leader.



You’d never see a horse actually campaigning.

Young Stud:  “Hey, vote for me and I’ll keep the herd safe!”

Mare:  “Yeah?..  Well, Prove it.”

Campaigning would do them no good.

Other horses would only take a horses’ leadership capability seriously if that horse was able to put his hay where his mouth is.  Otherwise, fuhgedaboudit.


I was feeding tonight and I think I heard that Bodhi and Rojo were running for Ranch Boss.

Brawn versus brains.

I’m not sure if they are granting interviews just yet… but I was assured by Bodhi’s Manager (PrincessLlamaLlamaLlama) that Bodhi would be very available to me in the upcoming weeks for personal appearances.

Rojo was surrounded by the mares who were the initial planning stages, not allowing me into their thinktank until they had finished their strategic meetings.  However, they did promise access to Rojo in the near future.

Wrigley ran between the two camps, delivering messages and treats.

Finn thought the entire idea of elections was ridiculous… he was heard mumbling that ‘every one knows who runs this place’ and set off to graze.

Slick was running a numbers game in the lower pasture…

More to come…

Bodhi hears from his Manager (PrincessLlamaLlamaLlama) that Rojo has joined him in the race for Ranch Boss!


Bodhi looks down towards Rojo’s pasture, to view the competition’s camp, with his Manager standing firmly behind him… More to come.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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