WOULD YOU LIVE HERE? I would!! Convert that old barn!

I’ve been keeping this post for a while.  I just love it and have studied all the details.  Other than it being a bit drafty in winter, I would Love to own this.  Such imagination!

Original post here on FB.

They converted a barn into living quarters.

The stalls are the bedrooms


The kitchen is in the loft

back downstairs

Cozy. I think this is a fourth bedroom upstairs, but I could be wrong

reverse view of the downstairs… with the shop visible

One of the stall bedrooms

The living room downstairs

View of the kitchen

An office upstairs

I like doors that let in the light

More upstairs. I love the rolling wood chair!

Reverse of upstairs to see the kitchen

I think this is upstairs, too… by the looks of the outside. Note the built-in drawers that fit!

Gorgeous shower.

I think there is this huge bathroom and another smaller one, not sure.

Some people are so creative! Click to go to all the photos on FB.



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