Wild Horse and Burro Rally in Sacramento — Last week to help Honey Bandit through the Bucket Fund!

Well, I am really having a difficult time writing this…  You see, I always like to start Monday off with good news and give you all a positive kick start to the week.  But, I have a slightly heavy heart..


Yes, the weather was horrible.

Yes, the Capitol building in Sacramento is not easy to navigate or park.

Yes, it is inconvenient to get yourself together, bundle up and give up your Saturday to rally for a good cause.

I get it.  And, I understand.

But, I have to say that I had such a  heavy heart when I showed up and there were only a few folks huddled together to attend the Wild Horse and Burro rally on Saturday in Sacramento, CA.

Passionate speakers but not too many listeners, sadly...

Don’t get me wrong, the speakers were all there – poised and ready.  The posters were there and all the literature was there.  The PA system was working well and there were no organizational snafoos.  There were even huge boards of kid-made drawings from an elementary school that has vowed to fund raise for Honey Bandit…  But, there just weren’t very many attendees —  which made me very sad.

The booths were set up and organized...

The information that was presented was good.  The educated speakers were not over emotional which was great since this is a very emotional subject.  There were many facts and figures presented. (I couldn’t find a roster of the speakers or I would list it here.)  I know there was someone who takes photographs as the round-ups.  I know there was someone who had heart-wrenching stories as an observer at the gathers.  We heard from an endurance rider who uses Spanish Mustangs and wins!  We heard from agriculture experts who spoke on the sterilizations methods that the BLM is using.  I cannot remember all of the speakers (probably because I was a bit wet and somewhat cold at the time), but I remember feeling that these speakers were doing a good job of keeping the content honest and easy to absorb.  And, it was sad that there weren’t many crowd members to educate.

These sweet kids had made their own signs...


Honey Bandit before, in a coma, barely alive...

On a more positive note, Honey Bandit was supposed to attend the rally but for good reason, he stayed in his warm stall at home.  The rain was horrible on Saturday and poor HB would have been stuck out on the main road because there are no internal parking lots at the Capitol.  Since animals are not allowed, his trailer would have had to stay on the busy street which would have been slightly dangerous for those peering in and meeting him.  And, Palomino would have had to stay at the trailer with him instead of manning her booth and spreading the word.  So, instead of meeting HB and taking pictures, I bought a T-Shirt and a CD of his photos as a donation.

Honey Bandit now!

The good news is that Honey Bandit is doing much better!  His pneumonia is not gone but it is very much improved.  Palomino told me that he has gained over 100 lbs and is really doing fabulously — for him.  He is still unsteady at a run but at least he can run.  She said he falls every time he runs but considering he couldn’t even stand on his own before, he is doing quite well.  The doctors feel that HB had to learn to use his poor atrophied muscles over again.  So this lack of coordination is really only his relearning and not anything having to do with brain damage.

HB has gained over 100lbs and looks like a real colt!

Palomino also told me that HB is starting to kick and buck and act like a very spoiled little horse (she said that with a happy smile).  He can get up and down by himself whenever he wants!  As far as his hearing, it comes and goes but it is mostly ‘on’ recently.  So, the doctors feel it was trauma that caused his hearing to go.  My favorite part of his recovery is that HB looks like he is going to be tall and striking.  His color is gorgeous.  He will be quite the handsome ambassador for the Mustang!

What a handsome baby ambassador for the wild Mustangs!


I was emotionally crushed when I left the rally.  I just felt a bit hopeless, which is not good.   Rallies are supposed to raise hope.  But for me, I felt defeated.  I guess I felt that all of this horrible treatment of the Mustangs is not important to many — and that we don’t have much voice to help.  (Obviously I was not helping here and I needed an attitude adjustment…)

I talked to myself the whole way home, trying to feel better.  I told myself that I know there are many, many devoted people who work tirelessly to ease and rectify the plight of the Mustang.  And, I know that the rallies in other cities had better attendance.  And, even though it was difficult to witness, I was glad I went to show support.  It is true that I was sad to see such a small turnout for something that means so much to me, personally.  But, this was just one bump.   And, it certainly doesn’t help the Mustangs if I’m all mopey.  After all, they are the ones suffering…


Then I realized that we can help and have been helping all month through our October BUCKET FUND!  We are helping the Mustangs, one little tiny colt at a time!   As Helen Keller said:

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

We do have the opportunity to do something.  And although it may not be much, it is my personal Mustang Rally today to top the Bucket Fund for Honey Bandit – our little Mustang colt Bucket Fund Baby for October (link here).  (Honey Bandit was rescued from a BLM holding pen, barely alive…)

I know many of you have donated (Thank you) and many of you have said prayers and showed concern (wonderful!).   However, if any of you missed the rally and wanted to go but couldn’t for whatever reason, and would still like to show support, please consider donating your coffee/snack/car seat change money to little Honey Bandit.  I know his caretakers would appreciate it.  And, for me, I would totally appreciate it because we ARE making a difference in one wild Mustang colt’s life.

We have one week left to fill the bucket for Honey Bandit!  Just drops in the bucket will eventually create an overflow…

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all for listening to me today.

If you receive this via email, please use this link to donate.

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  1. Casey O'Connor

    Hay, don’t feel bad Dawn. I have totally given up on the mustangs, as bad as that sounds. It’s clear to me that we will not stop BLM from destroying our wild horses – nothing we have done has made one bit of difference. I hope that the wild horse advocates will get it soon, and start buying all the mustangs out of their holding cells in order to preserve the bloodlines at least. But wild horses? we’ve seen the last of them. Mankind will not allow it – we want the land for our cattle, because we MUST eat meat; we want the land for pipelines because we MUST all have our own gas guzzler. And the politicians know it. Its just like 503 – won’t pass because in the end, people (in general terms) only ever care about themselves…
    Saving Honey Bandit, and others like him, is all we can do now. I’m glad you’re still in there fighting for him.

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