Up and At ’em!

I told you all about how windy it is here up on this hill… and how the large shelter in the large pasture – went boom!  In case you missed that story, here it is.

Hmmmm.  If it is that windy, maybe I need to move where I put the shelter, next time…   Truthfully, just about everywhere you stand in that pasture, you feel wind when it’s windy.

But, there is a stand of trees outside of the paddock that break some of the breeze, so I figured that would be the best place to put up the new shelter.

Note to self:  It is amazing what you learn (how much smarter you are) after you’ve lived in a place for a couple of years….

This month, I purchased a 16 x 8 shelter and the guys came to set it up!   I love getting things done!

Anyway, now, when I bring Dalton home, I will have enough cover for everybody.  I could have brought Dalton home now, but I want all my options available, in case he doesn’t get along nextdoor to Annie, I can put him next to Finn instead.  It will be easier for me to jockey everyone around now, since all of the paddocks have adequate shade and shelter.

Phew!  I’ll be bringing Dalton home sometime before Aug 1.


The guys arrive – on a windy evening…

We decide to use the fence as the anchor on the one side with the trees. We will use Tposts for the other sides.

They brought their dog. She’s really sweet.

I took this in the shelter of the trees… I so wish the sun was on the other side of these trees so the horses would have natural shade… but the sun is on the other side. The trees I planted are still too small to throw shade. You can see them in the background.

The horses have the best view! The original owners should have built the house on this hill! Instead, the horses have a 360 degree view of Paso Robles wine country! (We did put up the panels and shade cloth, but I didn’t take any pics because this was prettier.)  Note Marty’s Alley of trees in the background.  They are actually taller than Hubby, they just look really small.  I fertilized them all today.  29 trees up there that will, eventually, shade this pasture.


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