TWO WONDROUS THINGS… all things being relative.

Well, I just spent the last of my last job’s money.

Gwen has a shelter.


I should say that Annie has another shelter that she let’s her guests use… or as I intended, whomever is sharing with Annie won’t have to continually be run out of Annie’s shelter which  has enough shade for 2 but Annie is very territorial – and much bigger than anyone else, so she wins.

This means that the larger, upper paddock that has access to the 5 acre paddock, now has a 2nd shelter.

Theoretically, I can separate Annie from whomever she is terrorizing AND give that horse shade as well.


Here we have Annie standing where the new shelter is being erected. I love how they stand under it, even without the roof… It is 27 x 18 – so way big enough for 2 horses.

And here we have the roof!  This new shelter is next to the pony pasture shelter and also on the other side of the short row of trees I planted recently. This area will have shade all day – so whomever is living with Annie will have their own shelter. (Annie tends to get grumpy and push others out of ‘her’ shady area – even though there is plenty of room for 2…  Since she has about 400lbs on everyone else, she wins.)


The Sycamore tree in front here, was a scraggly thing in Spring.  But now it is going gangbusters!  (Don’t worry, the wind blows away from the horses.).  Closer to the fenceline is a Poplar that I just planted a month ago.  It is doing well.

Down the center aisle, that you cannot really see very well, I have two, tallish Mulberries and a Poplar that Annie trimmed beyond recognition.  It is still healthy, just very short on one side.  Sigh.  Now we have hotwire protecting it.  There is hotwire all around Annie’s paddock.

It is a bit tough to see here… but the trees in front are a very healthy Sycamore that was a twig in Spring (amazing), the tree close to the horses is a Poplar. The three trees (hard to see) that run down the aisle between the pastures are 2 Mullberries and a Poplar that Annie trimmed way too short. Sigh


Well,  ‘Marty’s Farrier shed’ didn’t work out so well for the farrier.  The horses were not settled in there – they much preferred being trimmed in their own paddocks.

So, that’s what we did and it worked out fine.

Hmmm, what to do with Marty’s Shed ?… MAKE A HAY SHED out of it!

Yay!  Perfect.  Why didn’t I think of that sooner?!

Using this shed as a hay shed enabled me to have a load delivered and stored!!!

So. Happy.

I know, I know, it still isn’t sound for winter… but it will work much better than the ground or the back of my truck.  And, I can cover it more easily here.  I’ll add pallets to the bottom, some tarps and we are GOOD for winter!

Thank you, again, kind Marty, who donated this shelter.



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