The worst case of hoof neglect… Thank goodness for Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

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Washington County, MD: Worst case of hoof neglect DEFHR has ev…    (click link to watch video)

BREAKING NEWS: Worst case of hoof neglect DEFHR, Vet and Farrier have ever seen! Horses had over 3 foot long overgrown hooves and were underweight. 1 euthanized on site 2 safely transported to DEFHR. WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!! To donate visit More details and photos coming soon… #BreakingNews #DEFHR #4thehorses

Posted by Days End Farm Horse Rescue on Friday, August 21, 2015


Yes, these photos are horrible and the situation is tragic.  These poor ponies lived in filth and neglect for years..

However, the good news is that the surviving horses are being treated.  Both of them had their initial trim and vet exam, plus dental work.  THANK YOU, Days End Farm Horse Rescue(website).

You can follow their progress at Days End Farm Horse Rescue linked here.

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Piper was the mare that was euthanized. They don’t say why they chose to euthanize her… but I am sure the situation was severe or they would have rescued her.

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Quest was in the video linked above. Poor guy! But he looks to be doing well with his new feet!

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Rio was worked on today. He had his first trim and his teeth done… hopefully now he will be able to gain weight.


Click image to watch video.

Click image to watch video and read original story.

Read more linked here.
An American charity has released images of a stallion brought into its care with grotesquely overgrown hooves.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Maryland said two emaciated horses – a full-sized stallion and a miniature stallion – were removed from a stall piled high with manure.

At the scene where the horses were impounded, the group’s executive director, Erin Ochoa, told the grey stallion: “Today your life changes.”

The pair are now receiving rehabilitative care.

The grey stallion had grotesquely overgrown feet. Photo: Days End Horse Rescue
The nonprofit group said a miniature mare had to be euthanized on the property. She was found to have ruptured ligaments, causing irreparable fetlock dislocation, it said.

The surviving pair were described as being in critical condition, with the worst hoof neglect the veterinarian and farrier had seen.

“The hooves on two of the horses were so long – over 3 feet – that the horses could barely move without being at risk of getting tangled in their own hooves,” it said in a statement.
In order to transport them safely to the charity’s base, the vet and farrier worked together to sedate the horses and lay them down so they could remove portions of their hooves.

The state of the horses on the property were revealed when a citizen called the Humane Society of Washington County with concerns about the welfare of pet pigeons.

It is standard practice during welfare inspections to check all animals on the property, which is how the horses were discovered.

The investigation is ongoing.

Days End said it had rescued more than 3000 horses in its 26-year history.

These were the worst, most extreme cases of hoof neglect the organization had ever seen, it said.

The group, which has 78 horses in its care, estimates that critical rehabilitative care for the pair is likely to cost up to $US2400 a month each. It appealed for donations and support for the duo.

All donations are tax deductible. To donate, go to


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  1. Laurie

    When I saw this…my heart sank…then the video!!
    Really! Really! Why..why..why would they let this happen, surely they valued them at one time.
    Why couldn’t they ask for help?
    GOD bless the horse and pony!
    Thank you to all who helped these animals live again….
    Free free free at last

  2. dawndi Post author

    I understand your frustration. You are correct, I cannot control Rescues. But, with a little extra effort, you can always google the rescue name and find their website as I have done in this post. One of the links is to their website. I hope they would update the website or respond to a contact for information via the website.

  3. Delrene

    Dawn. I just don’t have any words. Heartbreaking. Rest in peace dear Piper. I will send them a donation.

  4. Roxx

    This featured rescue’s FB page needs to be a public access page, not restricted to FB registered users only. Dawn – while I do “get” that it isn’t your place to tell some of these rescues this – the fact is that a lot of people do not want to participate in social media and when rescues, which survive largely on donations and the odd grant here and there, don’t have a public Facebook page they are cutting off a possible revenue stream. I do not engage in social media having been a stalking victim and cyberbullying victim and, believe me, I am not the only person out there who has experienced such victimization and doesn’t ever want to go there again. Facebook is a wonderful way for rescues to quickly update interested people on the progress of their saved animals. It is not so wonderful when the requirement is FB users only!

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