SUNDAY! A DAY OF REFLECTION AND A BIT OF FUN… (Wheelchair rider, a bittersweet gift from a suicide and a giver)

Today, I feel a bit reflective, so I’m carrying you with me!  ;)

I have a few videos that I’ve been keeping on my desktop.  I didn’t know how to bundle them until today.

Here we go!

1)  Wheelchair rider.  Click here to watch this video.

–Somedays we feel sorry for ourselves because of one thing or another… and I understand that because I’m the same way.

But then I found this video and I keep an image from it on my desktop.  Inspiration, Invention and Ingenuity.  No sob story here.

Click image to watch this rider go from the wheelchair to the saddle.  Bravo and Wow!

Click image to watch this rider go from the wheelchair to the saddle. Bravo and Wow!


2)  Suicide bittersweet gift.  Click here to watch video.

–This is a bittersweet story.  A guy finds an emaciated dog at his doorstep.  He doesn’t know what to do so he calls his sister.  His sister, an animal lover, insists that he keep this dog and makes her well again.

The brother does keep the dog… and this video shows “Judy” (the dog) a year later.  Judy and the brother are an inseparable pair.

At the end of the video, you see the tribute the Brother made to his sister for insisting he keep Judy and nurse her to health.  The video Bio reveals that the sister committed suicide during that year.  The brother feels that Judy – a constant companion – was his sister’s parting gift to him.

Click image to watch this video of Judy.

Click image to watch this video of Judy.

3)  Sweet neigh-borWatch video here.

–This story is close to my heart because I see this daily.  My horses all try to feed Mama Tess.  Somehow, they know that her feed is tasteless (according to MT) and not as good as theirs.  I always have to feed the other horses FAR AWAY from Tess or else they will sneak food to her.  Even the most gluttonous, food-crazy horses here will try to feed MT.

This story is the same.  The owner of the grey horse cannot understand why she won’t eat her feed but doesn’t lose weight…  (I coulda told her…)

Click image to watch video of feeders.

Click image to watch video of feeders.


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  1. Laurie

    Dear Dawn,
    All sooo good…..but must of watched “the giver” Video at least 5 times .
    Thank you

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