My favorite part about my favorite season… is here.

Flowers and Nests!

Most of my roses are coming back. Not having water all last summer did kill several of my plants and a few trees. Very sad. However, the fact that so many trees and flowers actually made it… well, that makes my heart sing.

The little brown birds use the crook in the down spout annually. As you can see, I even painted around the nest – I will get that spot when nesting season is over.

Usually, they have 4-5 eggs. I was kinda surprised to see only one. Hmmm. Maybe they will lay another in the next day. I also love looking at the nest material. I see they took some dogbed flock from the backyard and an immature pepper tree twig.

The other next that they build annually… is in the hitch of my trailer.

And it is there again this year! I do always remove this nest at the end of nesting season… and it always comes back. (Good thing I’m not using this trailer right now.) The only issue about this nest is that they built it really high. It almost touches the ceiling of the hitch. I could barely get my camera in there.

I think there are 4 eggs only. I tried to get a better photo but there was only about half an inch between the nest and the roof. The mama bird flies out in the crack between the hitch and the roof. She has a great exit path.




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  1. Bunny

    Love this! I too watch for nests – both returns and newbies. Swallows are back to the rafters in my barn using nests that have been there for two decades and counting. Plus new swallow nests in the storage shed. Maybe some new squirrel nests too? This morning I discovered a double-paper feed bag in shreds. Empty of feed, of course, but I’d been saving it for disposing of hoof clippings and misc grooming debris. It’s usually the squirrels that use bits of shredded paper to build their “dre” (squirrel condo) and sometimes they also pirate leg wrap cottons or small grooming cloths (I like flour sacking!) if I forget and leave those out. However, my roses are languishing in this very cold rainy windy spring. I envy you yours!

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