Some Interesting and Oddball products from the Expo: SugaRein, Rescue Tape, Calm EQ Nutri-Wafers and the Brenderup Trailer

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I found some products at the Western States Horse Expo that were unusual so I wanted to pass them onto you.

(Yes, I found many products that were newsworthy and not unusual, but those are for a later date.)

So, without further ado, here are some oddball but interesting products.


Sugarein are horsey hair extensions.  Sweet!

The booth was clamoring with little girls and not so little girls who wanted to doll up their ponies.


Sugarein for the mane (it rhymes!)

I was fascinated so I asked one of the many Sugarein Showgirls to demonstrate how it all worked.

In a flick of a finger, my personal sugashowgirl had the shimmery green strands hidden instantly and beautifully in the clutch of horse hair she held in her grip.

Clippity clip and Voila!  Simple as that!



Sugarein horse hair extensions! Fun!

I have to say, I thought for a whole few minutes about what style to purchase (mane, forelock, tail…) and in which color.  But, alas, I thought Finn might never forgive me and BG was just too ungirly for this sort of thing.

Or, maybe I was just too ungirly for this sort of thing.

In any event, the SugaRein booth stopped me in my tracks and I hope someone with more ‘suga’ in their bones will buy these and wear them with pride!

Website linked here.

This was my little Sugarein showgirl giving me a demonsration



This stuff’s hawker reminded me of the ‘barkers’ outside of the oddities tent.

He was a total character in a flowery shirt with a huge, booming voice… “Get yer Rescue Tape here, step right up and see the wonders of the Rescue Tape, this mahvelous piece of modern machinery can catch speeding bullets without flinching and swallow babies falling out of windows like a billowy swaddling cloth… Step right up!”

But, truth to tell, he got me.


Rescue Tape to the rescue!

I stood outside and listened to his blah blah for long enough that I was hooked.  I mean, this stuff was incredible!  It can repair any leaking anything, it is so strong it will never break and it applies so easily, anyone can do it – even me!

He told me that this tape was developed by the military.  He demonstrated on me how to wrap it and he also pulled out about 2000 demonstration pieces of consequence.  LOOK!  Loot at what it can do!

So, if you ever want to dress up and play fancy pants with all of your pipe pieces and left-over mechanical hoses, you’ve got your stuff!

A zillion uses...

OKOK!  I’d be a fool to not have this in my truck or trailer – or bathroom drawer.

So, I bought one roll and brought it home to Hubby.

He stole it right away.

This was my roll of Rescue Tape until it got hijacked - he told me clear was the best color to get if you are only getting one...



I’ve seen these around on the roads and I’ve also seen them advertised in the back of horsey magazines.

But, I’d never touched or climbed into a Brenderup trailer until this Expo.

You see, I noticed one – just sitting there – so I decided to explore and take some photos.

A nice single trailer that you don't see every day...

Inside the single horse

It was my assumptions that these trailers were not only lighter, but less expensive so I wanted to find out what one was getting when they purchased a Brenderup.   I climbed in… and really found out nothing because the salesman was not around.

But, even on my own, I could decipher that this trailer may be lighter in weight, but not less expensive.   So, while you may save on a truck when purchasing this trailer, you aren’t really saving much money on the trailer itself.  You are paying for all the lightweight engineering.  Makes sense although it wasn’t what I had expected to discover.

Nice looking two-horse

Inside the Two-horse

I then embarked on finding the Brenderup website to learn more about these trailers. – Oddly, I could not find any ONE WEBSITE that was official.  I must have been having an off day but I could only find the European distributor which led me to realize that Brenderup is a faction of Thule, the cargo systems manufacturer.

Hmmm.  I respect Thule.  Knowing the quality of Thule, I automatically transferred that brand ooomph onto Brenderup without really knowing of what I speak.

Anyway, you’ll have to do your own research because I seem to have been miserable with it.  All I found out was that many Brenderup owners love their trailers and no one expected them to be inexpensive except me.  My bad.

Here are some photos I took while at the Expo.

The little opera window from the single trailer



OK, well the reason this booth got to me was the marketing.

I’m a sucker.

Yup.  I went for the old style labeling and the interesting vendor schtick on the other side of the counter.

Truly… this could be just another promise wrapped in a supplement shrouded cookie.  And, it probably is…

But the guys were so convincing in their knowledge of herbs, minerals and womanly wiles, I was totally caught in their web.  Besides, they were really trying hard, brand new and from a place I used to live.  –Not necessarily reasons to try a product, but he entire package just kinda swayed me.

Here is the website.


They hooked me on the labeling...

So, I purchased a ‘show special’ tub of the Calm EQ.

Actually, first, I took a sample, went home, read the label thoroughly and then fed it to BG.  She ate it happily.


If there is any truth to the CALM part, I thought I’d try it.   Besides, it has Chia Seed, Fenugreek, Banana and a few other ingredients that my horses seem to benefit from digesting.

Couldn’t hurt (I don’t think…), could help.


These were the samples I brought home (they have a canine division, too)

So, I went back the next day and brought home my ‘show special’ sized container and will proceed to treat BG until they are all gone.

I’ll let you know!

Until then, I must confess, I do love the labels… I’m truly so appreciate of  effective advertising – or at least advertising that is effective on ol’ hard-nosed over here.  Truth to tell, I probably would have bought it just for the container… but hey, if it works, hallelujah! ;)


Oh horsegods, strike me down if this is bad stuff, but praise the lord if this wafer charms the nasty outta my mare! Halleluhah!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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