Six Degrees of Separation for Wrigley?… Maybe it will come true for him.

Do you know what I mean by the Six Degrees of Separation?

If you haven’t heard that term, basically, it means that there are 6 people between any two people who want to make a connection.  For example, if I wanted to make a connection to Brad Pitt, there are 6 people in succession who could eventually link us.    Here is the definition from Wikipedia:

Six degrees of separation (also referred to as the “Human Web”) refers to the idea that everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of, “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. It was originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy and popularized by a play written by John Guare.

Wrigley, huge, at 1 year.


OK, here’s the honest thing from my heart…  I need to find Wrigley’s best show home and I’ve been unsuccessful thus far.  But, I have to say in my defense, fancy Morgan park horses are not the easiest to place successfully.  It is like selling a Ferrari.  You have to be careful or someone will wreck…  I need to place him carefully.

But, since he is not in training and has never shown, no one knows about him.  He’s my secret…

"LOOK AT ME!" attitude. Always.


You see, I arranged to bring Wrig into this world.  The problem is that I used the formula that I’ve always used.  I bred for a show horse.  And, I got a really, really good one.  (I wrote about this a while back.  You can read it here.)

The problem is that a really, really good show horse isn’t really what I wanted.   I bred without reanalyzing where I stood in all of it.  So, now I have this incredible show horse who I need to place with the utmost of responsibility and love because ultimately, I’m not the right home for him.  It is my responsibility to do right by him.

So, now I’m here holding the hoof of a very good boy…

He is like a fabulous jewel sitting in my drawer.

"I'm READY!"


You just never know… I figure that one of you may know someone who knows someone who is looking for an incredible Morgan horse individual that they can take from the beginning and have an awesome show career.  Although I know that many people want to purchase a finished show horse…  some people, like me, take pride and have fun with predicting the future of a young horse and then bringing that hope to fruition.


First of all, you all know who I am, where I live and how to find me.  I have no interest in telling any falsehoods.  I swear to you, in my opinion, he is the best of the bunch at this age.  And, that is saying something as his brothers and sisters are National and World Champions!  I absolutely believe that Wrigley is the most showy, the most confident, the most flashy, the tallest and the most self-aware of all of the babies.  He has the “Look at ME!” attitude all the time.  He would grab anyone’s attention.

If you wanted a 2 year-old Morgan Park gelding prospect, this is it.  I’d bet on him.

To talk actual dollars and cents, I was offered six figures for his dam after she showed at the Worlds (I didn’t take it…).  One of her get (when I no longer owned it) sold for six figures.  Another one of her get (when I no longer owned it, again) sold in the upper five figures.  So, this boy has a value greater than his sales price…  If you are a great show home, make an offer!   Really.  Please.

Some people say the Morgan knee action isn't natural... this is Unfaithful at two weeks old.


I bred Tess back to Esprit de Lark because I thought it would be an incredible foal.  I was right.  He is very tall (15′ at 2 years old), very coordinated, has a huge/laid back shoulder, huge hip action, high hocks, level at the fore, trots square, long neck, straight legs and the ”show attitude’ you cannot create…

Having said that, he is great for the farrier and vet, is easy to catch, leads, ties, hauls and does all the basic horse tasks.  And, luckily for him, he has lived in a herd on mixed terrain.  He knows his place in the herd and is respectful of the mares.  But, he is a very confident boy and will show himself as often as he can.  I have no doubt that he would not be missed in a show ring.

Wrigley is that ‘one in a million’.

Wrigley inside his Mama, 10 days before he was born.


He does have one fault and that is his color.  He is chestnut.  But, he is huge and has a big floaty trot so I think the judges might just have to overlook his color when Wrig comes into the ring.


If anyone is a Morgan aficionado, Wrigley’s papers would speak to you.  He has rare and impeccable breeding.   His sire, Esprit de Lark, produces World Champions and his dam, HVK Noble Heiress (my mare), is a National Champion Park mare who has produced Regional,  National and World Champions.  She hasn’t produced anything average.

Wrigley’s face looks just like his sire.  Their eyes are the same as well as their necks. Wrigley has his mother’s hip and shoulder and his Grandfather, Noble Flaire’s, size.


–Here is a description of Esprit de Lark and his famous get:

Year after year, successful breeders return their mares to this exceptional stallion because they know their foals will reflect the beauty, intelligence and elegant appearance that he has sired over and over again. He is by Waseeka’s Skylark, one of the winningest stallions, and is full brother to Waseeka’s Moonshot, Waseeka’s Killarney, Waseeka’s Joy and Waseeka’s Charm. Esprit De lark is backed by a family of winners producing winners. Sire of WGC FCF Capestranno, FCF Dearest Illusion, FCF Angelo, FCF Val d’Isere, Stonecroft Esprit, FCF Capezio, FCF Passion, JW Romance, Absolut Appeal, FCF Protege, FCF Lantanna and many others. Esprit is one of a kind.

–His dam is HVK Noble Heiress (my mare).  She is an own daughter of Noble Flaire and the 1997 Grand National Park Harness Mares and Geldings Champion.    She was bred by Kohler stables (yes, the sink people…) and I went to them to purchase her when she was 2.  That was the only way to get a foal from Noble Flaire – his book was closed except to Kohler mares (smart…).  Although there are several Noble Flaire sons breeding, there are very few Noble Flaire show daughters breeding.  HVK Noble Heiress has produced 6 foals.  All of them are exceptional quality and have her remarkable hip and shoulder action.

DAM, HVK NOBLE HEIRESS, National Park Harness Champion.

She also did well In-Hand

–Here is the info on Noble Flaire, Grandsire (most Morgan people will know this) from Wikipedia:

Noble Flair was bred by Bob & Judy Whitney and foaled in 1984. In 1985, Herbert V. Kohler of Kohler Stables bought Noble Flaire, and that was the last time he changed hands for the rest of his life. He started showing as a yearling colt in 1986[3]. By the time he was two years old he was already catching eyes. People would run to watch him perform, and after he trotted out of the ring after his victory lap people would follow him just to watch him trot[4].

By the time Noble Flaire retired from the show ring in 1991, he had won numerous World Championship titles including an unprecedented three Park Harness World Championships. This impressive horse died in 2006, but has left behind numerous other progeny to carry on his name including the World Champions HVK Bell Flaire, Nostradamus, HVK Courageous Flaire, and HVK Vibrance[5


Wrigley has several sibs. Here are a few from the dam side…


Flaire's Gwendolyn

I still have Gwen.  She is gorgeous and has never been sick a day of her life.  Gwen is 15 and is my trail horse.


Unfaithful, unanimous winner Ladies English Pleasure

Unfaithful (Ava) won all shows Regional and then became the Unanimous Ladies Pleasure National Champion in 2005.  She was sold and now is a broodmare for Copperbeech.


Bellorazzo, showing Park Harness, soon to show Park Saddle.

Razzo is 6 and just started showing this year.  He was very successful in Park Harness and will finish his riding training in the Spring.


Renditions Heir Apparent, Morgan Park Stallion

This colt was born to my mare when she was leased.  He is a 3-year old park stallion who will be used for breeding nationally.


Here are Wrigley’s papers.

Click to view his papers larger


If you know anyone who might be looking, please pass this onward.  Wrigley is dearly loved but he is not being fulfilled.  He constantly looks at me and seems to ask “When is my life going to start?!  When can I do something?”

I need to find his home.  I’m hoping, with  your help, I can spread the net farther and find the best family for him.


Here is a link to his video on You Tube.  This is homemade, obviously,  in my arena…


Humbly I say, thank you for reading this and thank you for considering the future of the wonderful Mr. Wrigley.

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  1. Seabiscute

    Hi — what you can do to get some more eyes on Wrigley is subscribe to some Morgan Yahoo lists! I suggest Positively Morgans. And Morgan Colors — though a lot of the participants think it is for exotic colors, the list owner told me that it really is not.

    People are always telling the lists about horses they have for sale, and then often coming back to say that other list members have bought them.

    At the very least, you’ll get some appreciation for his Noble bloodlines.

    Good luck!

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