Rainbow Bridge for Naughtya

I guess I’m being selfish by using this page to let out my sadness and relief.  Tonight, I kissed her velvety muzzle for the last time.

I’m wondering if cyberspace is anything like the Universe.  And, if so, I am hoping there are many angels out there guiding her way to doggie heaven.  I’m grateful that she will again be able to use her crippled legs for jumping and running which has been only been available in her dreams. I know it is better that she is free.  I will miss her beautiful and very naughty self.  Goodbye until we meet again, my dear, sweet little girl.

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  1. Cheryl Withrow

    I’m SO sorry for your loss……your emotions were palpable through your writing, I was brought to tears for you, for Naughtya, and for all those I’ve lost along the way. :(

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