Life is so interesting…

Thank you all for wondering if I’m OK since I’ve been MIA a lot in the last 4 weeks.  Yes!  I’m actually doing very well!

Things are changing around here.   So much happening.  Most of which, I cannot speak about yet.  I know, that sucks to not know what is happening…  health stuff, house stuff, Mom stuff, work stuff… all of which exhausts and overwhelms me at times.

The GREAT NEWS is that our annual vacation at the RLazyS Ranch starts the end of this month!  Lots of horse action there, for sure!  And, Hubby and I will be joined this year with my lifelong friend, Lor and her husband!  So, lots of stories there!

In the meantime, here is a photo of Norma Jean.  She has horrible fly allergies this year – probably because she is getting older at 29 – so I have to lather her up and bundle her up.  (She is getting herbs, garlic and she just was given a steroid by the vet.  It is bad this year, and early.).  However, this fabulous fly sheet is too warm in this weather, so I did order a mesh sheet which should come this week.  Keeping Norma and BG happy this summer will be my daily campaign.

Thanks for caring and I will always create PhoBlog Saturdays, even if I miss during the week!

Poor Norma has severe fly allergies this year…



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