THIS is what I’ve been doing! Come VISIT!

OK, so you all know that I just moved and have no job here.

Well… I’ve been thinking…

First of all, however, do any of you OD on NIPS?  I swear that I am addicted.  I will eat an entire box – until my tongue is raw.  I’ve got it bad.  Any flavor.  I have to make myself NOT buy them.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.23.01 PM

This box is now empty.

OK, Anyway…  back to me thinking…

So, I was thinking that I could use the older part of this house to offer on AirBnB.  Are you familiar with AirBnB?  It is a service where people rent out their home, some rooms, a room, a couch, tent, RV space, whatever… to visitors.


So, I started researching how to do it.  I read all the information on the website, went to City Hall and did all the proper paperwork, cleaned, fluffed, polished and spit shined the rooms, took photos, made a visitor manual and waited to pull the trigger until my Mother, Sister in Law and niece came by to spend the night in all rooms – and tell me if there were issues.

Hubby put together some nightstands and a huge armoire.  He also put a big lock on the door between our part of the house and the rental part.

Mom, SIL and niece helped me tremendously.  We hung all the art and they gave me all of their no longer needed furniture.

So, we were all ready!  I pulled the trigger and made the listing active…

…and we already have 4 reservations!  In 4 days we we have had 4 different parties book!!

Click to go to AirBnB site.

Click to go to AirBnB site.


I listed either the entire 3 bedroom house (for up to 6 guests), or just the master bedroom for two, and the kitchen, living room and dining room.  (We lock the other two bedrooms and bathroom.)

Here is a link to our listing! 

email me if you want information…

Our first guests arrive on Saturday!  I hope to get everything ready for their 4pm arrival on Saturday – on Friday.  I’ve been invited to ride on Sat… so I will have to get home by 4pm.

We will see how this goes… but if it can give me somewhat passive income (I still have to clean the entire 3 bedroom house after each guest) that will help me offset the fencing and all the other stuff going on around here!

Click to view our listing!

Click to view our listing!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.26.55 PM

ANYONE CAN COME VISIT – Fabulous Wines, View and go on a Private Ride with Ranch horses!

We live right on several wine trails in Paso Robles.  San Luis Obispo is very close, too!  Hearst Castle, Madonna Inn, Morro Bay… so much to see and do!

The ladies at Work Ranch 805-467-3362 (15 mins away) offer trail rides on their 20,000 acre ranch.   And I met this fabulous gal who is offering her trained ranch horses on private rides throughout the county.  Morro Bay, Montana del Oro Park, private vineyards… so many incredible rides.  She brings her horses and meets you there.  All you do is RIDE!  Central Coast Trail Rides:  805-610-1306.

Click to go to their FB page!

Click to go to their FB page!  She will use her trained horses and take you on incredible, scenic rides!


I will keep you all posted on how this goes…


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  1. dawndi Post author

    They left the place cleaner that I did! ;)
    If it keeps going like this, I will be thrilled to provide an AirBnB!

  2. Elizabeth

    Wow! I am definitely keeping this in mind. Plus I don’t live that far away. It would be a nice weekend trip.

  3. Rachel G.

    I’ve never had Nips. Now I promise NEVER to try them. I appreciate the warning! Your house is gorgeous, and the location is perfect. You’ll become a destination! Good Luck!

  4. Laurie

    Wow..the view!
    Everything is so clean and beautiful!
    Best wishes for you both!!!

  5. dawndi Post author

    Actually, I hope to have little to no interaction. That is the beauty of AirBnB… you are
    there for questions, but otherwise invisible.

  6. RiderWriter

    PS. I’m confused – if you rent the entire house/all three BRs, where are YOU going to go? Are there still two other BRs, one of which is your office?

  7. RiderWriter

    I think this is GREAT! :D You will be a terrific hostess and of course your place is beautiful, and located in a great area. The riding opportunities are a plus!

    I have not personally stayed at any Air BnBs yet BUT, I know someone who travels extensively who has many times now, and my daughter did in England this summer. That was my suggestion and it worked out brilliantly for her and her friend – they loved it and saved a ton of money over hotels.

    I think the #1 thing is to afford your guests as much privacy as they wish. Daughter had three hostesses and while all were very nice (friendly, helpful, accommodating), one of them “hovered” too much and didn’t want to leave the girls alone, which irritated them. It wasn’t awful but they were exhausted and wanted to go to bed! Now, if your guests WANT to hang out all night chatting then you might be the ones saying “enough!” ;)

    I think it’s a great sign that you already got four reservations – hopefully all will go well and you’ll earn some great reviews, which (at least from my standpoint) are super-important for future business.

    Good luck and have fun!!

  8. Christine Stone

    Wow Dawn, what can I Say. It looks gorgeous and I am sure you will get lots and lots of people wanting to stay. I wish you every happiness in your new venture. Chris UK.

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