ITSUKO, Day 2… Better.

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This is Itsuko from yesterday's post. She is a great granddaughter of Native Dancer, she has had 99 starts, won $100K and delivered several foals... and then forgotten.


You can read her post from yesterday, here.


All of you were so concerned about Itsuko today so I wanted to post the newest information.

Theresa and BHFER picked up the mare, Itsuko, last night.  I do not know where she came from or the story, just that the mare was signed over and that was the most important thing…


Here she is, waiting to be taken away...

Theresa said that Itsuko’s eyes were rather dull and she was afraid that they may have gotten there too late…


This was Itsuko's barren pasture. No looking back.


Loaded and ready for her journey to BHFER.

First look at home...

Bad feet, bad teeth, bad skin, Henneke 1... poor girl

A lovely, medicated bath would make any girl feel better...

Let's just hope there is no organ damage.

The DR. examines Itsuko and runs several tests which should come back tomorrow.

The DR working on Itsuko's puffy legs. Itsuko is beginning to perk up!

Another sunset, except this one will be much better for our girl.


Itsuko, grand daughter of Native Dancer, a racer herself with 99 starts and $100K in earnings has had several foal and was then left to fend for herself with nothing…

ITSUKO and BHFER, the rescue who saved her, are our Mid-Month Bucket Fund for June.

Thank you for caring.


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  1. Lauren Lee

    Working in rescue myself, I should be used to seeing this, but I’m not.. it still brings me to tears to see horses in this condition. THANK YOU to all who took part in saving Itsuko and to the rescue for the long rehabilitation of Itsuko. God Bless You!!! Warmly, Lauren

  2. peg

    That last picture of her with a mouth full of grass and a look of “They know how to treat a horse here!” made me tear up..

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