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Hey there everyone!

How were your holidays?

Mine were exhausting… we had Hubby’s family here and then we all drove up to San Francisco to see my Mom and family (4 hours in the car, festivities, 4 hours back…)

So needless to say, for me, I NEED SOME SLEEP.

I definitely do not need any more sweets. Not only did everyone bake or bring over something delectable, buuuuut, my Secret Santa brought me Sees Candy.

So, without ado…I’m going to take it easy and regenerate over the next few days.

Here are a few photos that I loved this season.

I am always the first to bond with a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

This is a stock photo, but I love it.

This always makes me smile.

Yup. This is me.

So pretty.

So creative!

A friend’s camel in Australia…

HAVE A GREAT DAY! – get some rest if you need it…


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