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It is almost nightfall (but still over 100 degrees… phew!), and I just ran out to make sure everyone was in one piece – and fed.

Everyone was in one piece!  Yay!  Most of them hardly acknowledged that I was there… but I’m sure they are happy to see the Little Human Pushover.

Yup, I noticed that on my orders to only feed certain amounts to certain horses, those horses lost weight.

Imagine that… gulp.  Yup.  I’m the culprit.

MM is sound again! So I opened the gate between Annie and MM. Here they are, together. I think they have always really liked each other. Now, after spending 2 weeks across the fence, they are buddies.
MM has lost weight…in a good way.


The 56 new trees and plants are all alive!  In fact, I have a new, healthy crop of weeds around all of their bases… I have a job to do in the morning.

Two trees aren’t doing great.  One needs more consistent water (which I can do) and the other one is sunburned.  But, the new leaves on its stalk are doing great!

All the new plants are alive – and full of weeds at their bases! I have a job to do in the morning!

It has been over 100 degrees every day… and this tree is in the direct sunlight. It is sunburned. But, the leaves around its base are healthy!

These are the new leaves on the base of the sunburned Sycamore.  The vines behind this tree are grapes.  Believe it or not, it is alive with tons of grapes.


I put MM in the pony pasture before I left because she was tender after her last trim.

The great news is that she appears to be totally sound!  I felt so good about this, I opened the gate between Annie and MM.  I felt that they really like each other and Annie wouldn’t be too much of a bully, or so I hoped.

Anyway, I think they will be good paturemates.  Annie will not let MM get any of her food… and MM will have a friend to explore the large field and hang out.  Since they both need handling and work, them being together will be learning experiences for both of them.

Annie shooed MM away from HER feeder when I tossed her a flake. Annie obeyed and went to the other shelter in that paddock.

WHAT ABOUT MO, Wrigley and Gwen?

Mo seems to have found a friend in Wrigley, which is great since Wrigley is usually alone.  I was thrilled to see them eating together and buddied up.

I had Mo, Wrigley and Gwen together while I was gone.  That seems to have worked.  Gwen can always go in with Norma and Dodger if she needs quiet time.

Sweet Mo. He is fast friends with Wrigley.

Wrigley and Gwen… Little brother and big sis – both out of Mama Tess.


Norma and Dodger are thrilled to be back in their paddock.  Almost as soon as it was built, I had to put MM in there so she could have her own place to heal her sore feet.

Since I allowed MM and Annie to try out a shared living situation, Norma and Dodger get their field back!

Dodger ran around like a tiny, crazy pony.  Norma ran under the shelter and stood there, looking around.  It was too hot for a donkey to show much emotion.

Norma Jean and Dodger are thrilled to be back in their own paddock!


Finn and BG seem to like the smallest pasture.  I don’t know why, but they put themselves in there when they have the option.  To me, it is the worst pasture… however, they do get turns in the big pasture, so it isn’t awful.

Anyway, they were fine and looked dappled and healthy.

BG was busy eating… but you can see her dapples. I don’t know why they love the smaller pasture, but they do.

Finn. He’s also lost weight… What a very sweet boy. He was eating but looked up to greet me.

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